Supplements for Clogged Arteries

Supplement for clogged arteries

I’m going to show you how to reverse clogged arteries by using a supplement for clogged arteries, blocked arteries are very dangerous and are caused by high blood pressure, inflammation, and plaque build-up that affects not only the heart but other parts of the body as well.

Clogged arteries can occur in your heart, brain, kidneys as well as your legs and arms, when it happens in the arteries leading to your heart it can cause a heart attack, clogged arteries in your leg area can cause blockages and lead to poor circulation and pain.

A clogged artery leading to your brain can have serious implications for your health in terms of a stroke, a stroke can be debilitating.

PAD supplements for clogged arteriesClogged arteries legs

Clogged arteries in the legs is known as peripheral artery disease and can be quite dangerous, we know that more than ten million people in the USA have PAD or peripheral artery disease.

Some have no symptoms at all, many people experience leg pain when walking making it difficult to walk very far or climb a stairs.

Heart disease (clogged arteries)

The most significant cause of heart disease is clogged arteries that carry oxygen rich blood to the heart, high cholesterol, bad diet, a lack of exercise, poor family history, bad fats, calcium all contribute to plaque build-up and that is exactly what causes heart attacks.

I believe that a supplement for clogged arteries can have a measureable affect on clogged arteries, especially a natural supplement that contains Nattokinase,Serrapeptase or L-Arginine.

Nattokinase is a scientifically proven enzyme that is manufactured from a soya bean called Natto, many years ago a young scientist discovered that Natto could dissolve fibrin.

Most of material that clogged arteries consist of is classed as fibrin, a Nattokinase supplement for clogged arteries can dissolve fibrin over time.

Blockbuster allclear supplements for clogged arteriesLet me introduce you to a Nattokinase supplement for clogged arteries that actually works, this natural product is provided by Good Health Naturally and is called Blockbuster AllClear.

Blockbuster All Clear contains Nattokinase, remember it dissolves fibrin, it also has Serrapeptase another fantastic natural enzyme that works very well at reducing inflammation and pain.

Blockbuster AllClear has been on the market a long number of years, it is effective, safe and doesn’t have any major side effects, to learn more about Blockbuster AllClear supplement for clogged arteries go to this page.

Peripheral Artery Disease

Because of the stiffness and plaque build up in the blood vessels in the legs it creates poor blood flow, every year thousands of people have a foot or leg amputated, many will face a higher than average chance of suffering a heart heart attack, stroke or an early death.

Peripheral artery disease symptoms.

Build up of fatty substances in the arteries

Peripheral artery disease is leg pain. Symptoms are noticeable when walking or climbing and include a heaviness in the legs or buttocks, some people experience an aching or burning sensation.

The symptoms will stop when resting because of intermittent claudication, this is the process that occurs when the narrowed leg arteries can’t deliver enough oxygen rich blood to the muscles in the legs.

Think about it in terms of what happens when the blood supply to the heart muscle is disrupted leading to chest pain, heart attack or stroke, all the more reason to use a natural supplement for clogged arteries.

Roughly one person in three with PAD will have the classic symptoms of PAD which are:

  • Leg pain
  • Stiffness
  • Painful cramps in the hips, thigh or calf muscles
  • Coldness in the affected leg
  • Sores that won’t heal
  • Change in leg color
  • Shiny skin on your legs
  • Erectile dysfunction (caused by slow blood flow to the penis)
  • Weak pulse or no pulse in your feet or legs
  • Slower hair growth or hair loss on the legs

Other symptoms could be hip or lower back pain, tingling in the legs or numbness, a cold feeling in your lower leg or foot, ulcers or sores that just won’t heal.

In addition to the pain interrupting your daily life PAD can increase by 6 times your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.


Peripheral artery disease treatments

One of the best ways to treat PAD is to exercise. plain and simple walk, rest, walk rest! for up to thirty minutes 4-5 times per week.

This exercise will make your leg muscles work with less oxygen. Regular exercise will also improve blood sugar levels, blood pressure and will help with weight loss.

Drugs or supplements for clogged arteries


There are a number of drugs on the market for PAD and include:

Pletal (cilostazol) pentoxifylline) these help to ease the leg pain, because there is a build up of plaque narrowing the leg arteries your doctor may prescribe aspirin or plavix to thin the blood.

If your bad cholesterol is high your doctor may prescribe cholesterol lowering statin to help with leg mobility.

If these measures aren’t working and the pain is increasing to a point where you can’t do your daily activities more drastic action is needed if there is a threat to the blood flow being cut off altogether to the leg.

Blocked arteries bypass

An arterial bypass will be completed and the location of the PAD blockage will determine which operation is used:

  • Aortobifemoral bypass for a blockage in the main arteries in the abdomen or the pelvis
  • Femoropopliteal bypass for the arteries inside the thigh or just under the knee
  • Tibioperoneal bypass for unhealthy arteries in the lower leg or an artery in the foot.
Doctors hospital
Photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplash

These are procedures all need an anesthetic followed by several days in hospital, and a long recovery time which will vary from person to person.

Not all bypass operations are successful, there can be complications with major surgery, remember the bypass may ease the pain but it doesn’t stop the atherosclerosis from getting worse.

There may be atherosclerosis in the arteries going to the heart which is common in people with peripheral artery disease.

Major surgery is usually held back for people with limb threatening or disabling PAD disease.

There is an alternative supplement for clogged arteries that could offer relief for peripheral artery disease in the shape of an L-Arginine amino acid known as Healthy Flow TM.

Healthy Flow TM is a proven and best selling supplement for clogged arteries, it contains L-Arginine an amino acid that has a role to play in making protein as well as rebuilding tissue and muscle.

Another important function about L-Arginine that was discovered by a team of doctors led by Dr Louis Ignarro is the fact that it relaxes the endothelium or inner lining of the arteries.

Something else came to light during the studies, not only was L-Arginine important for cardiovascular health but so was a gas called nitric oxide that was produced during the process.

In fact Nitric Oxide was discovered to be the main driver at cleaning the inner lining of the arteries.

By relaxing the inner lining of the arteries it allows plaque build-up to be dissolved, put simply without L-Arginine production clogged arteries would be even more commonplace than they are!

HealthyFlow Tm supplements for clogged arteriesWhat’s the problem

The problem is that when you are young your body doesn’t have a problem getting enough L-Arginine from your diet, however once you enter your mid 30’s your body changes and not enough L-Arginine is produced.

This leads to plaque build-up or clogged arteries simply because your body just isn’t able to cope, the answer to clogged arteries is one that I recommend.

Take Healthy Flow TM daily as a one of two supplements for clogged arteries, Healthy Flow TM will help your body to produce more Nitric Oxide, remember Nitric Oxide works to clear clogged arteries.

How long does it take to work

Depending  on how much of the artery is clogged it can take anywhere from 6-18 months to clear blocked arteries using Blockbuster AllClear and Healthy Flow TM as one of two supplements for clogged arteries.

Peripheral artery disease diagnosis

PAD can be difficult to diagnose because leg pain can be caused for other reasons such as diabetes, old age, restless leg syndrome arthritis of the hips spine problems.

Your doctor will ask you to explain in great detail what symptoms you are experiencing, he will do a thorough exam of your legs as well as measuring the blood flow at your ankle and compare it to the blood flow in the upper arm.

Unblocking blocked arteries

Just like in a heart bypass a Roto Rooter or angioplasty is an alternative, from near the top of the leg a tiny balloon is inserted on the end of a wire catheter (wire) in an effort to damp down the plaque build up around the arterial wall.

This will usually open the blood flow to the arteries immediately however plaque build up will start again and the artery may close causing blood to stop flowing as normal.

There are dangers in that the surgeon may damage the lining of the arterial wall during the operation leading to a very painful experience.

In order to keep the artery open a small mesh coated stent is inserted of which there are two types

1.Drug coated stents

2.Bare metal stent

People that have drug coated stents need to take anti clotting drugs like plavix or aspirin for more than 12 months after the operation because of a chance of blood clots inside the stent.

People with bare metal stents may have further stenosis or narrowing of the arteries and the procedure may have to be done again.

When comparing angioplasty to surgery we know that it places les strain on the heart with less complications and a faster recovery time.

In addition if the angioplasty doesn’t work there is always the possibility of a bypass. 

Recommended supplements for Peripheral Artery Disease

We know what the main cause of PAD is, namely a build-up of plaque in the leg arteries.

In fact it may also be present in the main arteries going to the other vital organs including the heart.

So how do we get rid of arterial plaque in the legs ?

Nitric Oxide is the key to removing plaque build up in the arterial system, it is a viable alternative when you consider what Dr Louis Ignarro revealed in his best selling book “No more heart disease” he discovered that Nitric Oxide a tiny molecule is the atom of cardiovascular health.

Are supplements for clogged arteries the answer?

Nitric oxide production is normal when you are young, however as the years roll by Nitric Oxide production becomes a problem and that is why you need a natural supplement

It is known by chemists as NO it is a signalling molecule produced in our bodies, it is a vasodilator that assists our bodies to control the flow of blood to every part of our bodies.

Unfortunately the ageing process diminishes our bodies ability to produce Nitric Oxide and this has a devastating effect on our arterial system because the plaque continues to build up in our arteries leading to conditions such as peripheral artery disease and heart disease.

I highly recommend that you take a good look at Blockbuster AllClear and Healthy Flow TM as a two natural supplements for clogged arteries.

Both Blockbuster AllClear and Healthy Flow TM are now available at discounted prices on the Good Healthy Naturally website here.





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