Supplements for brain and memory

Supplements for brain and memory

Did you know that supplements for brain and memory provided by Advanced Bionutritionals consisted of brain boosting herbs that scientists have found to energise brain cells.

When we think of youth, we picture ourselves wrinkle-free and able to move with the same vigour as we could at 25 – but why do we never stop to consider the youth of our brain?

As we age, our brains begin to mature and become affected by both our age and the general stress of everyday life, stunting our creativity and the thrill for life we had in our younger days.

But what if I told you that there was a way to take several years off your brain age and restore your youth? Well today is your lucky day!

Brain and memory supplements

With the power of brain and memory supplements, it’s now possible to reverse the effects of brain aging and help you maintain your youth despite your age.

However, the supplement market is often shrouded with fad products and medication-based substances that won’t help unlock your brain’s potential.

That’s why we’re here today to guide you through the world of supplements for the brain and memory and help you revitalise your inner youth.

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What is NGF?

Nerve Growth Factor (or NGF) is Dr. Levi-Montalcini’s revolutionary Nobel Prize winning discovery that has begun to revolutionise the way supplements for brain and memory work.

Backed by extensive research conducted at Stanford University, this protein has been correlated with an increase in both long- and short-term memory, memory recall, and photographic memory.

This might sound too good to be true, but rest assured NGF has had a vast range of clinical trials conducted to assess how useful it can be in a range of contexts and for a range of brain and memory issues.

One crucial study, emphasised how valuable NGF can be for those suffering with extreme brain shrinkage. Following initial MRI scans, patients were found to have significant shrinkage – yet to try and combat this, scientists implanted NGF capsules into the patients.

Over the course of 12 months, this revealed the notable halting of brain shrinkage!
If you aren’t already sold by NGF, wait until you hear that:

● It helps in the reversal of age-related memory loss and cognitive decline.
● It boosts the survival of brain cells by prompting more maintenance.
● It aids in repairing any damaged cells so they can work at maximum capacity.
● helps stop brain shrinkage.
● and even better – you don’t need to have a capsule implanted, as you can raise your NGF levels using brain and memory supplements!

Memory cells memory and brain supplements

How to boost NGF

If you haven’t gathered from before, having a capsule implanted every few months is not the only efficient way to boost your levels of NGF.

After scientists realised the difficulty of this task, they began to look towards medical literature and conducted a range of clinical trials on hundreds of nutrients that were used as supplements for brain and memory maintenance.

Out of this research, scientists uncovered 33 primary nutrients that could support NGF increase, with one reigning as the leader of the pack – Luteolin. Luteolin is a nutrient that has been correlated with increased brain capacity, higher levels of NGF, and an increased aptitude for learning.

Luteolin is a promising supplement for the brain and memory that can rejuvenate our brain’s youth. But how can it support your needs?

What can luteolin offer you?

Whether you experience memory issues, or general brain fog, the general issue could lead back to inflammation, which can contribute to regular issues with recall and rational thinking – which generally disrupts our attention and makes everyday tasks harder to accomplish.

Luckily, Luteolin is a nutrient that can target inflammation at the source and also prevent rapid onset brain aging.
Luteolin is a nutrient that has undergone significant research and trialling, with a famous trial on mice providing substantially impactful results.

A test group of mice were provided water infused with luteolin, whilst a control group were given regular water, after three weeks a substance was injected to trigger inflammation – and the results were staggering.

The test group of mice were found to have significantly decreased level of inflammation in their hippocampi when compared to the control group, this meant that the mice had their memory preserved and largely unaffected due to the substitution of luteolin!

With so little nutrients able to specifically pinpoint this region of the brain, luteolin is reimagining the market of supplements for the brain and memory. With such significant results replicable in human trials, luteolin is the ideal supplement for those looking to restore their brain’s youth and prioritise their health.

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Where can you get Luteolin?

Luteolin is best substituted through the Advanced Memory Formula, which is a supplement for brain and memory designed to boost and restore healthy levels of NGF to help preserve your hippocampus, boost the quality of your memory, prevent brain shrinkage, and protect you from inflammation.

However, whilst Luteolin is a viable option in terms of supplements for brain and memory – there are also a huge range of other ingredients available in these supplements for brain and memory for those looking to restore their youth and preserve all regions of their brain.

Scientific studies supplements for brain and memory

Can you build a younger brain using BDNF?

As we grow older, we often reminisce on how fantastic our memory and learning ability was in our youth – however, age is no longer a defining factor of your brain’s youth.

With revolutionary research completed by Dr. Eric Kandel, earning him a Nobel Prize, Kandel’s trailblazing research proved the possibility for brain cell reconstruction.

By rebuilding brain cells, anyone can begin to regenerate their brain’s health and revitalise the recall and memory they had in their youth.

Using the essential protein, BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), any supplement taker can regrow their brain cells and restore the accuracy of their memory and brain functioning.

BDNF has been widely studied, with the defining study being a series of trials in which brain cells were injected with BDNF on a petri dish, revealing unfathomable results.

The brain cells began to form branches and regenerate transmitters required to communicate with every area of the brain and body.

Scientists began to explore the potential of BDNF on patients to unlock the true capabilities of the protein as a supplement for the brain and memory.

What does BDNF do?

BDNF is an essential protein that helps restructure the brain and give any memory a new lease of life – regardless of age!

During Dr. Kandel’s first trials of BDNF, he provided blood tests to a group of patients to measure their BDNF levels prior to assigning them with a facial recognition and general recall test.

Following a brief interim break, each participant was asked to recall the name of each face they were shown.

An astonishing discovery was made, those with higher BDNF levels were found to retain a higher level of names – meaning that the higher the BDNF levels, the better the memory of the participant!

How can you boost BDNF?

BDNF is integral for memory recall and maintaining optimal memory performance – which is essential for students, workers, and the retired alike.

When it comes to using BDNF as a supplement for brain and memory, finding the ideal way to supplement this into your diet is often an over complicated process – but it no longer has to be!

Cup of coffee

Many of us drink coffee regularly to heighten our energy levels and prepare us for everyday life; taking this into account, scientists began to wonder how else this significant effect could be applied to supplements for the brain and memory.

In response, scientists created a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, which involved a group of participants having a blood test, following which, half were given a concentrate made from coffee fruit, whilst the others were given a placebo.

An additional blood test was then carried out a further half an hour later – revealing unprecedented results.

The participants who were supplemented with coffee fruit concentrate had their BDNF levels skyrocket by up to 143%, whilst the placebo group maintained the same levels of BDNF they had during the initial blood test.

These staggering results prompted scientists to further harness the power of coffee fruit – leading them to formulate NeuroFactor.

NeuroFactor is a leading supplement for the brain and memory that has a range of herbal ingredients, with the ultimate BDNF powerhouse being coffee fruit.

For those of you who find coffee more on the repulsive side, don’t fret! NeuroFactor is entirely tasteless and odourless, so any concerns you may have are gone.

However, what’s even more exciting, is the fact that Advanced Memory Formula contains the essential daily dose of 100mg of Neurofactor – so you can receive all of the memory rejuvenating formulae your body needs.

However, there are even more options for those of you looking to fully inform your purchases or even create a supplementation routine!

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What is acetylcholine?

During a late night before Easter in 1921, German scientist Otto Loewi was experiencing unusually vivid dreams proclaiming a new scientific idea to him – yet as the morning woke him, he found that his memory was failing him and the discovery appeared lost forever.

Yet, that night a miracle happened – Loewi had the same dream reoccur and was able to immediately take action.

Upon waking, Loewi rushed to his laboratory and conducted the experiment – which led to the revolutionary discovery that reformed how scientists across the globe viewed the inner complexities of the human brain.

Nobel prize

Loewi’s discovery was so impactful, that his research went on to win the 1936 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Yet what exactly did Loewi uncover? To answer that simply, Loewi discovered the wondrous effects of Acetylcholine, which is a communicative messenger that helps brain cells coordinate with one another.

Whether it be the storage of memory or their retrieval – Acetylcholine plays a vital role in maintaining the brain and memory as a whole.

Acetylcholine is produced in excess throughout our youth, hence why the young tend to have sharp memories and the ability to effectively learn and maintain hundreds of new skills.

Yet as we age, Acetylcholine production begins to fall – hence why our memory begins to fade and more ‘senile’ moments occur.

However, low Acetylcholine doesn’t have to define the health of your brain – thanks to new and innovative supplements for the brain and memory.

Accelerating your memory with acetylcholine

When it comes to successfully boosting your Acetylcholine, there are a huge range of supplements for the brain and memory that can provide varying levels of success.

As shown by the fact that Choline can be an effective supplement to boost Acetylcholine levels temporarily – yet the body struggles to efficiently store and distribute it across the body, sometimes leading to adverse effects.

When selecting the right supplement for brain and memory, it’s crucial that there is a degree of certainty in terms of effectiveness. However, scientists have recently made this more attainable.

Scientists have adapted choline to be easier to absorb and use within the body – breaking the boundaries of supplements for brain and memory. If you thought the advantages ended there, then brace yourself – this is the only form of choline that can cross between the brain-blood barrier.

This means that this form of choline can easily enter the brain cells and unleash their potential in the correct organ, so no waste occurs.

This variant of choline is called Alpha-glycero-phosphocholine, or to a majority of us Alpha-GPC, and it focuses on immediately boosting the production of Acetylcholine.

So the brain can start to the reap the benefits of these supplements for brain and memory straight away!

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Why you need to take Alpha-GPC

Alpha-GPC has had over 20 clinical trials conducted to test its correlation with Acetylcholine and how this can impact a wide range of people.

During these trials, it was uncovered that even patients with severe mental decline and poor brain health could unlock the benefits of increased Acetylcholine using Alpha-GPC.

This study focused on 176 hospitals across the globe, where 2,044 patients suffering from severe mental decline following debilitating strokes were provided with Alpha-GPC across the course of 28 days.

Herbs for memory

Throughout this period, it was revealed that every participant had experienced some level of increased verbal fluency, recall, and cognitive function.

But the benefits of Alpha-GPC as a supplement for brain and memory don’t end there however, it can also offer:

● An improved attention span to help you focus on important tasks.
● A way to ease your worries and alleviate stress.
● A means of speeding up your mind and improving your reaction time.
● An essential enhancer of the brain regions responsible for coordinated movement.

If you were considering buying Alpha-GPC as an additional supplement – you don’t have to! With Advanced Memory Formula, Alpha-GPC is already rooted in the ingredients of the product, so that you can receive the full benefits of every type of supplement for the brain and memory available on the market.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

 PS: The brain fuel you need

Imagine you just took an exam based on memory, but you only got 56%. Disappointed, you retake the exam after taking a supplement for the brain and memory – yet your results read a perfect 100%!

This might sound outlandish, but it’s in fact possible – as this is exactly what happened in an Italian study.

170 patients between 55 and 80 were prescribed a daily supplement to help enhance their brain’s ability.

After three months, a review was conducted, thus revealing a huge increase of 44% in terms of their memory, ability to learn new information and skills, their speech, and their word association ability.

These supplements for brain and memory might sound fictional – yet Phosphatidylserine (or PS) is a building block of all cell membranes that helps maintain their health and promote efficient communication between cells.

PS speeds up your brain to unlock the sharpness and attentiveness you had in your youth.

What can PS do for you?

In a collaborative study between Stanford and Vanderbilt Universities, scientists trialled PS on 149 patients suffering from memory loss.

During the initial trial, patients were tasked with memory tests; however, half of the patients were provided with placebos instead of PS; after 12 weeks, patients were instructed to complete the tests again.

Those who had taken PS were seen to have had a huge improvement in their overall memory, learning, and cognition – allowing them to recall faces, paragraphs, and phone numbers with ease!

What’s even more shocking, is that despite the fact the average age of all of the patients was 64, those who had taken PS were shown to have the mental capacity of a 52-year-old – meaning that PS had reduced their brain age by up to 12 years.
The possibilities of PS don’t end here.

Why is PS essential?

As we get older, stress becomes more of a normality and moments of peace and quiet become a feature we long for – yet stress leads us to become so consumed with frustrations and anxieties, that we become forgetful of the more important things in life.

However, PS can reduce your stress levels and help bring up any low moods to improve the quality of your life and the health of your brain. In a study of 425 elderly patients – it was reported that taking PS leads to significant stress relief.

During this study, the participants claimed to have felt happier and at ease in their surroundings – as well as also having improved communicative abilities in any social environment!

Yet this wasn’t the only study revealing such phenomenal results, over 2,800 research papers and 63 clinical studies have demonstrated how beneficial PS can be when restoring memory loss, boosting low mood, and enhancing mental performance.

Advanced memory formula

If you want to unlock the benefits of PS, look no further than Advanced Memory Formula – which includes the daily dose of 150mg of PS to help you absorb all the essential supplements for the brain and body that you need to see visible results.

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 The brain and memory energiser for all ages

L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid that boosts the body’s energy production and helps unlock both your physical and mental capabilities. Energising your heart, lungs, liver, and brain – the benefits of L-Carnitine are unlimited.

However, L-Carnitine faces an issue amongst all of this – it can’t cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning that the supplement for the brain and body can’t access the most crucial region of the body.

But, there are a huge range of other forms of L-carnitine that can permeate the brain and fully unleash it’s huge range of benefits on the brain and memory.

This other form is called Acetyl-L-Carnitine, or ACL for short, this supplement for the brain and body is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and invigorate your brain with an essential energy boost.

ALC has been proven to be efficient across 21 double-blind studies over the years – with a Stanford University study revealing that patients experiencing severe mental decline had a rejuvenated memory after taking daily supplementation of ALC.

In a similar study on patients with less severe mental decline, it was revealed that those who had taken ALC compared to placebos performed 2.8 times better on memory tests.

In another study, patients over 100 years old who had taken ALC for more than six months were found to have both improved cognitive functions, reinvigorated energy, stronger muscles, and decreased body fat!

With ALC having such a proportionate effect on those over 100, imagine the impacts it could have on both your brain and body!

However, you don’t have to imagine anymore – as Advanced Memory Formula has the generous daily dose of 250mg that you need to protect yourself from mental decline and maintain a supple healthy body and mind!

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Berries supplements for memory and brain

Berry Brain Booster

Berries are undeniably fantastic for our health – they’re full of natural antioxidants and can improve both our mental and physical health.

Yet one berry stands out from the crowd, even when compared to over 40 fruits and vegetables – particularly in terms of having high levels of free radical fighters, 20 times more antioxidants than tomatoes and 10 times more than beta-carotene.

If you haven’t guessed already – the berry in mind is blueberries!

Blueberries are packed full of essential anthocyanin’s, which are a specialised type of antioxidants that can bypass the blood-brain barrier to provide essential care and maintenance to the brain in order to flush away any issues in the brain to help prompt an efficient and long-lasting memory!

In addition to this, blueberries are also rich in pterostilbene, which is a highly researched compound that is shown to harness more power than resveratrol due it’s absorbent power, which is 4 times better than resveratrol – and it can also stay in the body up to 7 times longer.

Pterostilbene also has the ability to reactivate the genes that promote sharper memory function, whilst slowing any signs of brain aging.

Blueberries can be used as an essential supplement for the brain and memory, but if consuming them as one of your five-a-day isn’t to your tastes, then Advanced Memory Formula are the supplements for the brain and memory that is suited directly to you.

Including 125mg of concentrated blueberry extract, your brain will be able to ward off free radicals.

Now that I’ve covered 6 clinically trialled supplements for brain and memory, there are also a huge range of other nutrients and herbal remedies that are also included in Advanced Memory Formula to enhance your brain’s ability and to help reinvigorate the youth of your body and mind!

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Lecithin is an essential nutrient that aids in the decomposition of fatty materials that can lead to build-ups in your brain – thus reinvigorating the speed and efficiency it had in your younger years.

This nutrient when used as a supplement for the brain and memory can reduce the amount of memory lapses and forgetful ‘senior’ moments you might have.

In a study conducted on the impacts of lecithins as a supplement for the brain and memory, it was found that elderly participants had their forgetful, ‘senior’ moments reduced by up to 50% as it helped them maintain mental clarity.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri has been used for millennia by Indian herbal doctors to help boost the long-lasting memory in those of all ages.

To investigate these impacts further, scientists have conducted over 14 studies to understand whether bacopa monnieri truly works – with overwhelmingly positive results.

One study revealed that bacopa monnieri improved overall memory and the ability to recall in those over 55 years old; with a similar study uncovering that it can also prompt more accurate absorption of information and the recall of this information several days later.

Yet the study that was most impactful proved that bacopa monnieri can help people learn a new skill up to 40% faster!

Supplements for memory and brain


Vinpocetine is a compound derived from periwinkles plants that has been extensively proven to increase blood flow to the brain and circulation in general by opening tiny capillaries in your brain to help boost oxygen absorption, whilst also providing a passage for nutrients to enter the brain so that they can perform optimally.

With over 100 studies involving 20,000 participants, vinpocetine has been shown to improve the memory of those suffering from severe mental decline – with a staggering 100% success rate.

Advanced Memory Formula provides every user with 10mg of vinpocetine, so that it is the optimal supplement for brain and memory.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Ginkgo Biloba

Similar to vinpocetine, ginkgo biloba has been demonstrated to have beneficial impacts on blood circulation to the brain across a range of clinical studies.

Often referenced and used within herbal medicine, ginkgo biloba is an essential nutrient that can increase the quality of memory and alertness due to the stimulation it provides the body.

With over 1000 studies to reinforce its positive effects, ginkgo biloba is an essential component of the best supplements for the brain and memory.


Calcium is too often limited to the status of being a ‘bone mineral’ – however, calcium is a crucial component of any healthy and functioning brain that prompts the development of memories!

In a study of 6000 elderly patients, low calcium levels were correlated with an increase in memory loss and confusion – however, those with higher calcium levels were shown to be able to retain memories at a higher level.

Due to calcium’s essential role in supplements for the brain and memory, Advanced Memory Formula provides the optimal daily dose so that your brain can take advantage of this beneficial nutrient and help you keep all of your memories – even in old age.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.


Phosphorus is perhaps one of the more underrated minerals, as it seldom is credited for the 3 integral ways in which it supports healthy functioning brains.

1. It aids in repairing cell membranes to protect your brain cells and protect them from any damage, which could jeopardise the health of your brain and memory.

2. It helps maintain healthy brain communications, the ‘wiring’ between each of your brain cells is essential as it allows signals to be transmitted with ease, so you can become more alert.

3. It unlocks your brain’s potential to efficiently utilise energy so that cells can begin to produce more energy that is properly used across the body and the brain, as opposed to being wasted.

Phosphorus has been trialled and tested extensively, hence why it is used within a huge range of supplements for brain and memory – particularly, Advanced Memory Formula.

Advanced memory formula Bionutritionals

What are the right supplements for brain and memory?

Now that I’ve taken you through some essential nutrients and minerals that can unleash your brain’s potential and re instil your youth – it’s crucial to decide on a final supplement for the brain and memory that suits your needs.

Unless you require a supplement that focuses on one specific niche of brain health, Advanced Memory Formula are the ideal supplements for brain and memory due to the way in which it encompasses every aspect of your brain and memory health to ensure that you’re able to mentally perform to the highest standard – regardless of your age.

Whether you want increased energy, enhanced critical thinking, alertness, improved facial recognition, improved recall, or the ability to remember memories from your youth – Advanced Memory Formula is the optimal supplement for brain and memory.

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

Using Advanced Memory Formula allows your brain to unlock its full potential by halting the repercussions of cell inflammation, brain shrinkage, aging, and severe mental decline, to help you sustain an efficient memory that will last you a lifetime.

Imagine having the ability to remember every important aspect of your life and live stress free – well, you no longer have to imagine. Advanced Memory Formula is the ideal supplement for the brain and memory if you fall into these categories.

Advanced Memory Formula are the recommended supplements for brain and memory ar reasonably affordable prices – now is the time to get yours!

To find out more about the recommended supplements for brain and memory go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.