Best natural supplements lower blood sugar

Best natural supplements lower blood sugar

Let’s take a look at the best natural supplements lower blood sugar, high blood sugars are detrimental to your health causing a condition known as diabetes, high glucose or high blood sugars levels cause diabetes.

Your body finds it difficult to make or use insulin in the normal way causing Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, depending on which type you have doctors will prescribe medications to keep your blood sugars under control, however some of these medications have been withdrawn from the market or can cause some unwanted side effects.

Metaformin warning

Just this year the FDA recommended that some manufacturers of Metaformin extend release take their medication from the market in the USA because an unacceptable level of a carcinogen or cancer-causing agent was discovered in some of their product, contact your doctor if you are taking this drug for advice on whether to keep taking this medication.

Type 1 diabetes treatment and side effects

If you are a person with Type 1 diabetes your body just can’t make insulin, your only option is to have insulin shots to keep your blood glucose (sugar) levels down so that it doesn’t cause problems, side effects are excessive weight, scars or lumps at the injected site, if blood sugar levels drop too low it can cause you:

• To feel dizzy

• Find difficulty in speaking

• Feel fatigued

• Feel confused

• Feel your muscles twitch

• Lose consciousness

• Have a seizure

• Sweat unnaturally

Best natural supplements lower blood sugar diabetic kit

Type 2 Diabetes treatment and side effects

If you have been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes your body may be making insulin but doesn’t use it effectively so the first recommended course of action is to use healthier meal planning to control your blood sugars, exercise to lose weight and become healthier.

However, in some cases these measures just aren’t enough to bring down your blood sugar levels to the normal range, insulin medications are the next step.

Your body needs insulin medications to replace what it can’t make or use effectively, however insulin medications do come with a number of unpleasant side effects such as:

• Weight loss/gain

• Nausea

• Skin rash

• Sore throat

• Headaches

• Fatigue

• Respiratory infection

• Increased risk of a heart attack

So, people look for alternatives and ask what are the best natural supplements lower blood sugar, can supplements lower blood sugar?

What are the best natural supplements to lower blood sugar?

I believe that a natural supplement to lower blood sugar should be well researched, the ingredients should be scientifically proven to lower blood sugars and regulate insulin production naturally in your body.

I have searched far and wide for evidence of best natural supplements lower blood pressure, here is what I have found.

Blood sugar Optimizer

Dr. Sam Robbins Blood Sugar Optimizer

I highly recommend that you take a look at HFL Solutions Holistic Dr Sam Robbins and their blood sugar supplement Blood Sugar Optimizer, this natural veggie pill was formulated by Dr Sam Robbins, the founder of Health for Longevity Solutions (HFL).

Blood Sugar Optimizer are a well proven natural supplements to lower blood sugar, the product has been on the market for 18 plus years, Dr Robbins designed it to support and optimize healthy sugar levels within the normal range.

Blood Sugar Optimizer is a professional grade herbal supplement that helps with sugar cravings, supports healthier carbohydrate metabolism, glucose elimination and insulin sensitivity.

Dr Sam Robbins has studied Endocrinology, he has learned a lot about human hormone cells and what happens as we age, for example did you know that it’s important to maintain healthy glucose levels because

  • Hormones change as we get older affecting blood sugar levels
  • Hormones change due to physical or emotional stress
  • Hormones change because of genetics affecting metabolism
  • Hormones change because we eat the wrong foods
  • A lack of exercise can change blood sugar metabolism

Dr Robbins recognised these changes

Dr. Robbins recognised these changes, his best natural supplements Blood Sugar Optimizer was specifically formulated to deal with imbalances in insulin and blood sugars.

His goal was to produce one of the best natural supplements lower blood sugar that addressed the three main causes of imbalances in blood sugar levels.

  • Hormonal
  • Emotional
  • Physical

Blood Sugar Optimizer helps people with an imbalance in blood sugar levels to get faster results with less effort while at the same time providing a convenient way to achieve this.

Benefits of Blood Sugar Optimizer

Blood Sugar Optimizer has over the last 18 plus years become one of the best natural supplements lower blood sugar because:

  • It’s a complete five products in one pill
  • It produces fast results saving you money and time
  • Maintains healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports carbohydrate metabolism
  • Promotes healthy insulin sensitivity
  • Supports glucose digestion
  • Reduces sugar cravings

What are customers saying about Blood Sugar Optimizer

I read through the customer testimonials on the HFL website, this person is very happy with Blood Sugar Optimizer

“ES, this stuff really works and this is after me stopping the use of 5-6 other supplements. Only using YOUR product.

When I got diagnosed with diabetis my HCi was 8.0 and Blood Sugar was 210, and neuropathy in my feet. The doctor told me it might be controlled by diet, but I chose to go a step farther with supplements. After a month it dropped to 110, taken after a 6 hour fast. 2 months later my pre dinner BS was 94, after meal it was 124, well within the normal range.

The longer I use BSO, the better the numbers. The results suprised my doctor, and had my nutritionist asking a lot of questions. Going from 210 blood sugar to 94 in two months is amazing, something my diabetic friends have’t achieved with medications.

Taking BSO may not have ‘cured my diabetes, but it has effectivly reversed it without medications. No side effects and I feel great and looking much better.

Kudos on your product, and high marks for responding back with much needed information. Bless you Evan”

Recommended best natural supplements lower blood sugar

Blood Sugar Optimizer is one of two best natural supplements lower blood sugar that I recommend you take a look at, the success rate of this herbal supplement in bring blood sugar down is pretty high at 98%, clinical testing has shown that this natural remedy for high blood sugar can work within the first 2-4 weeks.

Can Blood Sugar Optimizer be taken with other medications?

Blood Sugar Optimizer is safe to take with other medications, it is supported by doctors, because all of the ingredients are natural there are no reported side effects, to find out more information on one of the best natural supplements lower blood pressure go to the HFL Solutions website here.

What are the ingredients in Blood Sugar Optimizer?

The all-natural ingredients in HFL Solutions Blood Sugar Optimizer include herbs that are grown by the company because they know these ingredients are the purest and most effective for lowering blood sugars that can be found based on clinical trials and scientific evidence.

  • Trans-Resveratrol

Advanced blood sugar formula best supplements lower blood sugarAdvanced blood sugar formula lower blood sugar

The next best natural supplements lower blood sugar is recommended by Dr Janet Zand and the team at Advanced Bionutritionals, it’s called Advanced Blood Sugar formula, this herbal supplement for lowering blood sugars is one that I recommend you take a look at because again it is an all-natural formula backed by scientists and formulated by a doctor.

What are the ingredients in Advanced blood sugar formula?


Magnesium has many benefits, it helps to regulate blood sugars, people with diabetes can often be deficient in magnesium lower levels of magnesium are linked to insulin resistance.


Chromium is included in this natural supplement lower blood sugar because some studies have shown it can help people with type 2 diabetes that are resistant to insulin by lowering blood sugar levels and improving sensitivity to insulin.


Capros is an All-Natural super antioxidant derived from edible fruits of phyllanthus emblica, a number of studies have concluded showing that capros the Indian gooseberry can help with cardiovascular disease and counteract endothelial dysfunction in people with diabetes.


Turmeric is a very popular alternative medicine, it has a compound called Curcumin that many feel has health benefits, a review published in Evidence based Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggested that Curvumin could help people in a number of ways including improving treating diabetes by improving insulin resistance and lowering cholesterol levels.


A couple of studies published in two journals the Agricultural Research Magazine and the Disbetes Care Journal suggest that Cinnamon (Cinnamon bark) could improve insulin sensitivity, blood sugar and cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes this reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Bitter melon

Bitter lemon has properties that link it to lower blood sugar levels, it works a bit like insulin and brings glucose to the cells to turn them into energy

Chinese Goldenthread

Chinese goldenthread is a Chinese herb used for centuries to help people with cardiovascular health, weight loss and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Dr Janet Zand

Dr Janet Zand has studied the effect of the above herbs on blood sugar levels, she has put together her unique formula that forms my second choice as one the best natural supplements lower blood sugar, it’s called Advanced Blood Sugar formula.

Dr Zand has connected with the team at Advanced Bionutritionals they have been making high grade supplements for more than 30 years, Advanced Bionutritionals have been able to source the highest quality herbs and nutrients to make their best natural supplement lower blood sugar, Advanced Blood Sugar formula is available to purchase here.

Is Advanced blood sugar safe formula to take?

Advanced Blood Sugar Formula is made from the highest quality herbs and produced to Good Manufacturing Practice standards, it is completely safe to take even with other medications.

Customer testimonials

Advanced Blood Sugar Formula *

By Janet G. (Pleasant Garden, NC) – 9/8/2018

I have been taking this product for three weeks now and it truly helps in lowering my blood sugar levels! They were very high! Over 245! Now in the low 120’s. I have already ordered my second bottle! In fact, I am on auto ship so I won’t run out of it! It is a must have!

Works as Promised, highly recommended *

By Thomas T. (Tempe, AZ) – 5/10/2017

Advanced Blood Sugar Formula has lowered my daily blood sugar test results. I am completely happy with the product and will continue to use it regularly.

To find out more information on Advanced Blood Sugar Formula go to the Advanced Bionutritionals website here.