Sugar blocker pills Cheat Meals Sam Robbins

Sugar blocker pills

Sugar blocker pills Cheat Meals Sam Robbins can help in the battle to lose weight, small amounts of sugar are unlikely to cause you to put weight on.

However many foods have added sugars that will cause excess body fat and pile on the calories.

I’m going to tell you about Dr Sam Robbins sugar blocker pills called Cheat Meals, let’s jump in and find out if sugar and carb blocker pills can help you with dieting.

We all know that dieting, healthy food and daily exercising are the key to getting that perfect body, many fall down on the dieting part and find it hard not to snack when hunger is nagging at the mind.

Those sugar cravings are hard to resist, that’s where these new sugar blocker pills can help.

Sugar blocker pills

What are Cheat Meals

Doctor Sam Robbins is a qualified Endocrinology doctor, he has studied hormonal changes in the body.

DrRobbins wanted to help people like himself that struggled to have a perfect body because of piling on the pounds and not being able to get rid of stubborn belly fat and inches.

Dr Robbins knew himself how difficult it was not to cheat on a diet, in other words he wanted to develop a supplement that would block out sugars and carbs and support a better digestive system.

Sam developed Cheat Meals as a very safe and effective sugar and carb blocker.

How does Cheat Meals work

Cheat Meals are sugar blocker pills that restrict fats and carbs that put calories onto your body.

Cheat Meals are in pill form, you will need the recommended amount before you have that delicious meal.

There are great success reports from people that use Cheat Meals.

Many people have over the past 20 years or so tried these sugar blocker pills, the success rate is as high as 96%.

You can read some customer testimonials at Dr Robbins website here, Cheat Meals may be just the right sugar blocker supplement for you right now.

What is Cheat Meals sugar blocker pills

Let’s take a closer look at Cheat Meals sugar blocker pills so you can understand what this natural product does in terms of blocking those harmful sugars and carbs that are the primary reason for weight gain.

Dr Robbins has been helping people for more than 20 years through his company HFL Solutions those initials mean health for longevity.

Dr Sam has a great interest in natural Solutions for many common health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, weight loss, diabetes, he has had his own health challenges and always wanted to find a natural solution.

His company HFL Solutions are based in Nevada, Dr Sam has a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology, initially he developed Cheat Meals sugar blocker pills for himself.

At the time he was finding it hard to lose weight because of sugar cravings.

Cheat Meals sugar blocker pills

It’s not a fat burner

Please don’t think that Cheat Meals is a fat burner, it’s not a supplement that will burn belly fat.

What it does do is it blocks harmful fats and sugars from food that you find tempting, as a result your body won’t store that fat because these sugar blocker pills prevent that happening.

Carbohydrates in high portions tend to support weight gain so it’s more beneficial to eat as much healthy food as you can.

Cheat Meals sugar blocker pills have other health benefits like improving blood sugar levels in the body, it also maintains healthy cholesterol levels. Cheat Meals consist of completely natural ingredients.

What are the ingredients in CHEAT Meals?

Before you decide to try these sugar blocker pills its important to understand what is actually going into your body so that you know it is going to be safe to take.

Here is the full list of ingredients in Cheat Meals and what each ingredient does:

Dr Robbins uses a unique 3 formula technology called the Synergy Optimizer Technologies, the first and pivotal technology is the fat blocking and neutralizing formula, this patented formula is designed to block the storage of the maximum amount of fat in the body and contains:

LipoSan UltraR Chitosan

Lipo San Ultra Chitissan is an old dietary ingredient that has been used to effectively block food fat for more than a decade.

Often referred to as the fat magnet, it works by attracting fat from the food that you eat and sends it out of your body through the digestive system so that fat doesn’t accumulate.

The beauty of lipo san ultra chitosan is that it works much faster than other fat magnets, some can take up to one hour to block fat whereas lipo san ultra chitosan works in under 6 minutes.

Cassia Nomame

Cassia Nomane is a traditional Chinese medicine will herbaceous plant used for centuries to help with dehydration and as a laxative for constipation.

It was discovered by scientists that the plant was effective at reducing weight loss.

NeOptuniaR Nopal

NeOptunia Nopal is a widely used organic fat blocker, it works in a different way to Chitosan but is equally effective other health benefits are lower insulin and blood sugar levels.

The second part of these very successful sugar blocker pills formula and technology is the Carbohydrate blocking and neutralizing part, these sugar blocking pills by Dr Sam Robbins contain:

Sugar blocker pills lose weight

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is used in many sugar blocking pills because it speeds up the weight loss process safely and effectively, it contains hydroxy citric acid (HCA) that inhibits fat storage in the body.

It also enhances serotonin levels in the brain meaning a much happier you.

White kidney beans

White kidney beans are included in the Carbohydrate blocking part of the formula because of their effectiveness at blocking carbohydrates from building fat.


Glucomannan is Konjac plant extract, used widely in alternative medicine for various illnesses

Glucomannan not only helps to lose those unwanted pounds it also maintains cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The third and last part of these unique sugar blocker pills from Doctor Sam Robbins is the digestion enhancement formula.

Dr Robbins has a great belief in maintaining a good digestive system, to enable this he has added the following ingredients

  • Cellulase
  • Amylase
  • Protease
  • Pepsin

How to take sugar blocker pills (Cheat Meals)

Cheat Meals sugar blocker pills are sold in capsule form, Dr Robbins recommends that you take the weight loss pills before you take your carbohydrate or fatty diet.

The best results are attained when you do this at least 15-20 minutes before you consume food.

Cheat Meals sugar blocker pills are formulated in a specific scientific way, you must stick to the recommended dosage and take the pills at the appropriate time for best results.

Take the pills with a glass of water about 15 minutes before you eat.

Excess consumption

It’s really important that you stick to the recommended dosage, excess consumption doesn’t mean you will lose more weight feel less hungry or burn more carbohydrates.

In fact the opposite is true, the reason that Dr Robbins wants you to stick to his plan is that you won’t have any side effects.

The formula in these best-selling sugar blocker pills will help you to attain the body shape that you want provided you use the pills in the way that they are intended for.

By taking Cheat Meals sugar blocker pill you can expect to have results just like these people:

  • “already lost 7 lbsThis email might be a little long, but I want to let you know just how much I appreciate your product. I take 3 capsules of Cheat Meals with both lunch and dinner. I don’t take it with my afternoon snack, since it’s just yogurt or maybe an apple. So far, I’ve lost a total of 6.5 lbs in 3 weeks. I mean, it’s not that much … but I’m not that overweight to begin with. Plus, I haven’t changed anything in my diet or added in extra cardio. For the first time, dieting is kinda easy for me. Take care …”
  • “no speedy side-effects Cool … a product that works, and no side effects. I don’t ever have to cycle off and I can take it forever. Each month, I lose another pound or two. Can’t wait for the summer. SWEEEEET!”
  • “works even for lazy people like me ……. heheI know I should eat better and exercise. But your carb/fat blocker is working so well, that I’m waiting for my results to plateau before I have to actually do any work. Hehehehe … I know, I’m bad … but I’m lazy. What can I say … at least I’m honest =)”

To learn more about these best-selling sugar blocker pills from Dr Sam Robbins go here.

Dr Sam Robbins sugar blocker pills Cheat Meals

How do they work?

Cheat Meals are designed to do exactly that, eat those foods that you love knowing that these incredible weight loss supplements will work to help your body control what makes your body put weight on.

The formula is so effective providing you stick to consuming these sugar blocker pills before you eat.

Your digestive system will be taken care of in a natural way as all of the far that is blocked will be gotten rid of through the natural way.

Why use Cheat Meals sugar blocker pills?

Basically, using cheat meals sugar blocker pills mean that you can eat your favorite meals even the ones with the most carbohydrates and sugars safe in the knowledge that Cheat Meals will stop your body from putting on an extra weight.

Not only that these sugar blocker pills can help you to lose weight as part of “ 6 week insiders guide” weight loss program.

To learn more about Dr Sam Robbins “6 week insiders guide” weight loss program go to his website here.

Of course there are other health benefits apart from not putting on or losing weight by taking Cheat Meals, for example do you feel heavy after you eat a big meal?

That heavy feeling means that your digestive system is having trouble digesting the food.

Cheat Meals all-natural formula has a formula that aids proper digestion and stops that feeling of fullness, simply take the recommended dose before you have your food.

If you are pregnant, are diabetic or have an allergy it is advised not to take sugar blocker pills unless your doctor agrees, excess fat will make you feel lethargic and tired.

Cheat Meals offer a natural way to block the fat and help you feel energized, many report a difference in the first week or so.

Cheat Meals by Doctor Sam Robbins take the guesswork out of blocking fat and losing weight, not only that carbohydrates and fat imbalances can have negative effect on cholesterol and certainly isn’t good for your heart.

Are there side effects

Dr Robbins has developed this unique formula so that it doesn’t have any side effects, having said that some people may find that the formula doesn’t suit their metabolism, in that case the fall back is the 90-day money back guarantee.

Is Cheat Meals a scam?

I completely understand when people ask is Cheat Meals a scam? there are thousands of products on the market promoting weight loss programs.

You only have to look at Dr Robbins track record to know that Cheat Meals sugar blocker pills are a safe, natural way to stop those unhealthy fats from adding pounds that you don’t need.

All of the ingredients are naturally sourced, clinically proven, safe to take, they are a great way to put a stop to the negative effects of sugar and carbohydrates in one easy to take pill.

Where to buy sugar blocker pills

Dr Sam Robbins sugar blocker pills are only available online through his company HFL Solutions, you can try the product out by buying just one bottle for $49.95 that’s enough for one months supply, on the other hand you can take advantage of the special offer and get it cheaper.

Is there a refund if it doesn’t work out?

Dr Robbins is so confident that his sugar blocking pills will work for most people, however for those that it doesn’t work for he has a convenient 90-day money back guarantee policy plus $100, to learn more about the 90-day money back guarantee go to the HFL website here.

90 day money back guarantee


Doctor Sam Robbins is an endocrinologist doctor meaning he has in depth knowledge about hormones in the body, it has been established that sugars, carbohydrates and fats contribute to weight gain, when you eat foods that contain all three its inevitable that weight will pile on.

Imagine being able to eat all your favorite foods safe in the knowledge that Dr Robbins sugar blocker pills will help your body with digesting these foods in a natural way so that you don’t put any weight on, Cheat Meals is a top quality fat blocker pill that even makes you less hungry.

Cheat Meals are great for everyone that doesn’t want to put weight on and at the same time wants to eat those yummy foods that are loved the most, to learn more about Dr Robbins sugar blocker supplements go to the HFL website here.