How to reverse calcification of the arteries

How to reverse calcification of the arteries

People ask how to reverse calcification of the arteries, too much calcium in the arterial blood vessels can cause calcification or a blockage in the arteries, reversing this process can significantly reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Learning how to reverse calcification of the arteries using Vitamin K2 will have a major impact on your health. Let me explain…

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Inadequate calcium

I’m sure that you have been told in school to drink milk because it will make your bones big and strong, milk has lots of calcium in it, however inadequate calcium intake can cause problems like decreased bone density and that increases the risks of a bone fracture.

A lot of people take calcium supplements to promote bone strength, bone mineral density and to prevent osteoporosis, however more recent evidence from the scientific community suggests that too much calcium may elevate the risk of heart disease because of the connection between calcium deposits in the soft tissues and arterial walls.

By contrast, many clinical studies point to the fact that Vitamin K2 supports the inhibition of calcification in the arteries, clearly this is how to reverse calcification of the arteries, in studies Vitamin K2 in adequate amounts has been shown to lower the risk of damage to the arteries.

How does Vitamin K2 reverse calcification of the arteries?

Vitamin K2 taken in the recommended dose reverses calcification of the arteries by activating MGP, otherwise known as matrix GLA protein, MGP inhibits calcium deposits on the endothelium, that is the inner lining of the arterial walls. Vitamin K2 is found mostly in dairy foods and some vegetables like:

  • Whole milk from grass fed cows
  • Egg yolks
  • Fermented foods like cheese and curd
  • Natto a traditional fermented soya bean found in Japan
  • Kale
  • Spinach

Foods containing Vitamin K

Is there enough Vitamin K2 in food reverse calcification of the arteries

Yes and no, a study called the Rotterdam study looked at 4807 healthy women and men, all were over 55 years of age, the study looked the relationship between Vitamin K intake and calcification of the arteries, heart disease and mortality rates.

The results of the study confirmed that a high intake of Vitamin K2 (minimum of 32 mcg per day) coupled with no intake of Vitamin K1 was closely linked to a 50% reduction in deaths from cardiovascular disease associated with calcification of the arteries, the study also confirmed a 25% reduction in the mortality rate.

The answer to the question of how to reduce calcification of the arteries is to increase your intake of Vitamin K2 supplement, over time this will lead to healthier bones and more importantly a healthier cardiovascular system.

By supplementing your diet with a natural Vitamin K2 supplement with MK-7 will help to give your body the correct levels of Vitamin K2 that your body needs to reverse calcification of the arteries.

What does Vitamin K deficiency mean

Vitamin K comes in Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2, Vitamin K1 also known as phylloquinone is found mostly in vegetables such as kale or spinach.

Vitamin K2 also known as menaquinone is found in animal based foods, these include egg yolks and butter, it is also found in fermented foods like yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut and temph, Vitamin K2 is also made in the intestines.

Both of these important Vitamins are involved in the production of protein that helps your blood to clot, blood clotting is essential to stop excessive bleeding both internally and externally.

A Vitamin K deficiency means that there a number of challenges to the system, number one it means that if your body doesn’t get enough Vitamin K it increases the risk of excessive bleeding, number two challenge is the fact a deficiency in Vitamin K means a build-up of calcium deposits in the arteries causing a blockage.

how to reduce calcification of the arteries

What does a calcification of the arteries mean

Calcification of the arteries means that a blocked artery will sooner or later cause oxygen rich blood going to the heart and other organs to be inhibited by the blockage and not be able to keep an adequate supply of blood to the heart, that can only mean that chest pain isn’t far away, in a lot of cases a heart attack or stroke will be the outcome.

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I hope by now that you can see how important it is in learning how to reverse calcification of the arteries by getting an adequate amount of Vitamin K2 with MK-7 from a quality Vitamin K2 su4pplement.

What else does Vitamin K do?

Vitamin K is essential for breaking calcium down in the body, this process effectively prevents hard deposits consisting of calcium plus fatty material from gathering in the artery walls, its vital to have smooth and flexible blood vessels to ensure the healthy circulation of oxygen rich blood to all areas.

Smooth and flexible blood vessels are essential in reducing the very serious risk of a blood clot or a heart attack, calcification of the arteries can start as early as your 30s you won’t even know about it, sometimes before it is too late.

The way I see it is once you have the knowledge on how to reverse calcification of the arteries, it is imperative to get a quality Vitamin K with MK-7 if you are aged between 35-65, that is the time when calcification of the arteries is at it’s worse.

Calcification of the arteries and heart disease

For more that 100 years the presence calcification of the arteries has been associated with atherosclerotic coronary arteries, calcification of the arteries implies that coronary artery disease is present, in other words calcification of the arteries accompanies atherosclerosis and both point to a future cardiac event.

Can you take Vitamin K2 with warfarin

For those people taking warfarin to thin the blood, its important to know that warfarin inhibits the production of Vitamin K, this is a negative because it means reduced Vitamin K in the body, leading to calcification of the arteries.

Most doctors will advise against taking Vitamin K with warfarin but the consequences can be unhealthy for the heart and bones.

What can you do to reverse calcification of the arteries

To put it in a nutshell, if you know that you have calcification of the arteries because you have had a scan and the doctor told you so, or there may be a history of heart disease in your family, or you may be having some chest pain, or you find it hard to climb stairs without being out of breath, the chances are that your arteries are blocked.

I would urge you to take a Vitamin K2 MK-7 quality supplement every day, it is an actionable way in how to reverse calcification of the arteries before it’s too late, remember nearly 17 million people die from heart disease worldwide each year, don’t be a statistic, take a quality Vitamin K2-MK-t supplement each day.

Vitamin K2 is a regulator of calcium in the body, it is necessary to activate a very important protein in the body the matrix GLA protein, that essential protein manages to keep calcium deposits out of the arteries and into your bones to make them strong.

Vitamin K2, MGP and calcification of the arteries are inextricably intertwined, studies confirm that higher levels of non activated MGP are linked to inadequate Vitamin K intake and higher mortality rates amongst patients with cardiovascular disease.

What do the studies on K2 show

More than 10 studies show that by supplementing with a minimum of 90 µg Vitamin K2 with MK-7 decreases those deactivated MGP levels, Vitamin K2 with MGP-7 is an essential part of how to reverse calcification of the arteries.

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I sincerely hope that you now have the answer on how to reverse calcification of the arteries, it is a very serious condition that can be reversed by simply taking a quality Vitamin K2 supplement with MGP-7, of course it is advisable to have a heart healthy diet, exercise regularly and cut down on smoking.

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