What causes inflammation in the arteries

What causes inflammation in the arteries? What causes inflammation in the arteries? and what is the connection between Inflammation and Heart Disease. Heart disease is caused by a condition called atherosclerosis, it is a very serious disease characterized by chronic inflammation and fibrotic deterioration in the innermost layer of the medium and large arteries. Basically, what … Read more What causes inflammation in the arteries

Arteriosclerotic heart disease

Arteriosclerotic heart disease Arteriosclerotic heart disease (ASHD) happens when there is a hardening and thickening of the coronary artery walls. Atherosclerosis develops where there are clogged arteries containing fatty substances known as plaque or atheroma. Even now the process of Arteriosclerotic heart disease is not fully understood, inflammation plays a big role by retaining low density lipoprotein particles (LDL) … Read more Arteriosclerotic heart disease

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