How does Perfect Amino work

How does Perfect Amino work

You may have read about Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Amino muscle building product formulated by Dr Frank Shallenberger and want to know how does Perfect Amino work, keep reading and you will know a lot more about this remarkable natural supplement that helps people to regain lost muscle mass and feel younger again.

Why would you need perfect amino

Like it or not the aging process has an effect on our bodies, I believe that most people would like to remain strong, independent and healthy, however aging does have some negative implications for things like hair loss, muscle mass loss, weakness, stress and fatigue, (not to mention wrinkles!).

Of course, you can do things to offset what is happening to your body, you can eat healthier foods, workout in the gym, go walking, cycling, swimming, practice mindfulness, while all of these things are great there is no getting away from the effects of aging.

Perfect amino can help a lot to replenish some of what your body has lost and make you feel stronger, younger and healthier, Dr Frank Shallenberger has a lot to say on this subject and gives the answers to how does Perfect Amino work in this article here.

How does Perfect Amino work

Have you noticed

Have you noticed that over the years your interest in physical activities has lessened, you just don’t feel like putting your energy into keeping as fit as you would like? did you know that as you spend less time on physical activities your muscles start to wear out?

Your muscles aren’t being used as much and you feel more tired, you aren’t as strong as you once were, your body begins to weaken, as this process unfolds the average person will shed about 30% of lean body mass especially as they go into their 50’s.

If you are in this category read on and discover the answers to the questions on how does Perfect Amino work and how can it help you to regain your mojo and become stronger and healthier.

What is Perfect Amino

Dr Shallenberger and the team at Advanced Bionutritionals have put together this advanced formula of eight amino acids because they are the building blocks that power up your body’s hormonal, enzymatic, skeletal and muscular system, Perfect Amino works to restore lost muscle mass.

By consuming the recommended daily dose of Perfect Amino supplements your energy levels will soar, you will feel healthier and younger as this magic formula begins to work it’s way into your system, there is no better feeling when your energy levels elevate and your muscle problems begin to be a thing of the past.

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So, what’s the secret behind Perfect Amino

Amino acids are the specific factors that make up the ingredients in this best-selling product from Advanced Bionutritionals, your body needs a certain amount of amino acids to maintain muscle mass, the science behind Perfect Amino reveals that in order for your body to manage muscle mass that has been lost you need the right combination of 8 amino acids.

These 8 essential amino acids are essential as a daily remedy for lost muscle mass to help your body recover what it has lost and help you to feel younger and healthier, your body needs protein to make amino acids, unfortunately a lot of people don’t eat enough proteins to make the necessary amino acids that the body needs.

Hair, muscles, skin and bones are all formed from the proteins that your body takes in, however many don’t take in sufficient amounts to make amino acids, too many sugars bring excess carbohydrates and glucose into the body and excess fat becomes a problem.

Frank Shallenberger MDHow does it work

So, how does Perfect Amino work, basically Perfect Amino makes sure that the body gets the right amount of amino acids, that they are digested properly and allow the body to develop stronger muscles naturally, stronger muscles build-up gives a feeling of vitality and wellness.

Perfect Amino works to improve lean muscle mass, it also improves strength and increases fat burning hormones, so now instead of feeling jaded and tired all the time you can feel the opposite that is healthier, stronger and bursting with energy.

Does Perfect Amino help during a workout

Absolutely, in fact Dr Shallenberger has interviewed one of his friends Dr David Minkoff, he is a health freak, he is well over 70 years old and has completed over 24 triathlons, David found that as he was aging persistent injuries began to annoy him, his muscles just weren’t as strong as they used to be.

Read this article on the conversation between Dr Shallenberger and Dr Minkoff here.

Out of courtesy Dr Minkoff decided to try out Perfect Amino supplements to see if they might help him, to his amazement his injuries started to heal a lot faster, his muscle mass increased and yes you’ve guessed it he started to get better results when taking part in triathlons.

Dr Minkoff found the answer to how does Perfect Amino work by simply taking the daily recommended dosage of this amazing supplement, to put it simply he managed to help his body to make more protein.!! and he did it without having any side effects.

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So, to answer the question does Perfect Amino help during a workout, absolutely it helps to improve muscle mass, tone, build stronger bones, have fewer injuries, better endurance, better mental focus and faster recovery following a workout.

What’s the recommended dosage

Here is the recommended way and dosage of Perfect Amino so that you utilize those 8 amino acids to their maximum, take the supplement 30 minutes before food containing fats and proteins, depending on your body weight these are the guidelines

Weight up to 110 lbs, 1-2 Perfect Amino supplements in the morning or before bedtime.

Weight up to 140 lbs, Perfect Amino 2 supplements in the morning or before bedtime.

Weight up to 170 lbs, Perfect Amino 3 supplements 2 morning 1 at night.

Weight up to 200 lbs, Perfect Amino 2 morning, 2 night.

Before a workout; take 2 Perfect Amino 30 minutes before the workout and two before going to bed to enhance recovery.

Use Perfect Amino for workout

Use it for recovery

As you know each of our bodies will react differently when something new is added, so for using Perfect Amino to recover energy follow the recommended 1-3 supplement dosage, depending on how you feel you can up or down the dosage, just a note on using Perfect Amino for injuries.

One user has a bad hip injury caused during weight lifting he also has weakness in his tendons and cartilage so working out was uncomfortable for him, he googled how does Perfect Amino work, bought the product took it for four months, then he started to notice improvements in hips and knees, he was able to do his strenuous workouts with the help of Perfect Amino.

How long for Perfect Amino to work

If you follow the guidelines after a 2-3 weeks there should be a noticeable difference in your energy levels, keep taking the recommended dosage for a couple of months, review your progress, you may need to up your intake depending on results, here are some testimonials from people that use Perfect Amino.

Perfect Amino testimonials

Perfect Aminos, A Great Easy Way To Stay Muscular *


Hello, My name is Anthony, I am 64 years old and have been using Perfect Aminos for a couple of years now. I find that combined with a sensible diet and exercise routine, this product enables me to add and or maintain your muscle mass and strength. Workouts are required if building additional muscle mass is desired, taking Perfect Aminos without a resistance exercise program will help to slow down the natural progressive loss of muscle as we age, very important for a more active lifespan. I highly recommend Perfect Aminos.

What are the ingredients

Perfect Amino can be purchased in tablet or powder form, the formula contains 8 amino acids

L-Threonine works to create antibodies within the nervous system, L-Threonine is widely accepted as being helpful for MS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spinal spasticity.

L-Phenylalanine regulates hormone levels, its found in fish, eggs and meat, it helps with hormonal and physiological disorders.

L-Valine supports energy levels in the body, it aids muscular metabolism, supports the repair if damaged tissue, it provides stamina and balances nitrogen levels.

L-Lysine HCI supports Vitamin B levels in the body. L-Lysine works to ease stress in the body and fights against cold sores.

L-Leucine adds extra support for synthesizing muscle proteins while improving bone and hair health.

L-Methionine maintains the growth of strong nails and hair, it provides sulphur for the metabolic system.

L-Isoleucine adds support to stabilize blood sugar levels and at the same time increases your energy.

L-Tryptophan boosts the release of melatonin and serotonin making the body more relaxed and calmer.

How does Perfect Amino work image

How Perfect Amino Works

It’s relatively easy to explain the answer to how does Perfect Amino work, those 8 essential amino acids enter the small intestine from there into the bloodstream, once on the bloodstream they are distributed to the parts of the body where they are needed most.

The digestive system breaks the amino acids down into smaller units where they are 99% utilized to boost stamina levels, the body also becomes more resistant to small injuries that happen when the muscles are overextended, Perfect Amino also supports stronger bones and boosts the immune system.

Dr Minkoff and the team at Advanced Bionutritionals formulated Perfect Amino with four important things in mind:

  • Restore muscle mass
  • Make bones stronger
  • Support healing
  • Help with weight loss

What are the health benefits

No doubt about it Perfect Amino is a well proven muscle loss building supplement, users of Advanced bionutritionals Perfect Amino will find more energy because of an increase in muscle mass, it will be harder to get those silly little injuries during vigorous exercise.

Perfect Amino will boost your levels of endurance which means that you can do so much more throughout the day, you will have more stamina no matter what comes on your way, your hair and skin will improve, mental agility will improve, finally and importantly your immune system will be strengthened.

Perfect Amino FAQ’S

Does Dr Shallenbergers Perfect Amino work

Absolutely, Perfect Amino has stood the test of time, it contains the best natural ingredients that have been studied in detail to make sure thec8 amino acids are going to do a good job.

What are customers saying

Excellent product. I recommend it. *

By Veronica K. (Sunnyvale, CA) – 11/26/2021

I was having so much trouble walking after an accident. I severely damaged my muscles and tendons. With that the pain was pretty intense. I gave a try to perfect amino. My muscles started to grow back, I recovered faster and with that I was able to go back to work out and to my normal activities. It is a wonderful item, I feel so much better and stronger. I have been taking it for few months and people have noticed. Starting with my husband whom is taking them as well and getting back his strength. Give it a try you have nothing to lose. I Recommend This Supplement Verified Customer

What is the best time to take it

Perfect Amino is best taken first thing in the morning and last thing at night, if you are getting ready to do some hard physical activity allow 30 minutes before you begin, allow 30 minutes when you eat after a vigorous workout.

Are there side effects

There are few reported side effects, however as individuals some may experience mild symptoms.



I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this post on how does Perfect Amino work, I believe the product is safe to take because the ingredients are hand-picked to provide the 8 essential Amino acids that the body needs to restore lost muscle mass, the good news is that the company Advanced bionutritionals offer a money back guarantee, so you can try the product out without any risk.