Reduce calcium from the arteries

Reduce calcium from the arteries

Calcification of the arteries is a dangerous condition caused by excess calcium deposits learning how to reduce calcium from the arteries is a process that will be of particular interest to those people that have cardiovascular disease or have had a heart attack.

Calcium is an important nutrient or mineral that every living organism must have, calcium is found in the human body in abundant amounts.

Of the total amount found in the body almost 99% is located in the bones and teeth where it is used to build strong bones and teeth, only 1% is found in the blood vessels.

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Reduce calcium from the arteries

On average, adults need roughly 1,000 milligrams of calcium each day, women over 50 and men over 70 need 1,2000 milligrams per day, most of the calcium produced by the body comes from the foods that we eat, this essential mineral is found in many types of food for example:

  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Yogurts
  • Orange juice (fortified)
  • Sourdough bread
  • Sardines
  • Soybeans
  • Waffles
  • Enriched grains
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Turnips

Calcium supplements study

During a study researchers at John Hopkins medicine found that people using calcium supplements has a 22% higher chance of developing heart disease because their arterial calcium scores were higher than those that did not take calcium supplements indicating that much calcium in the arteries causes calcification and puts people at higher risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Does this mean that people with osteoporosis shouldn’t take calcium supplements to build stronger bones?

According to the Medical University of South Carolina 2,500 milligrams per day of calcium supplements is the safe and maximum amount anyone should take.

Dr Sam Robbins Health fitness longevity

Let me introduce Dr Sam Robbins to you

Dr Sam Robbins is a hormone doctor, over 20 years ago he recognized that excess calcium in the bloodstream was a risk factor for heart disease so he studied how to reduce calcium from the arteries.

His work led to exact causes of calcification of the arteries and the solution on how to reduce calcium from the arteries.

Go to Dr Sam Robbins website and listen to him detailing how exactly to remove calcium from the arteries in a safe and effective way by taking a daily dose of his best-selling product Blood Flow Optimizer.

Find out what Dr Sam Robbins recommends to reduce calcium from the arteries here.

Why does calcium enter the bloodstream

According to Michigan medicine calcium enters the bloodstream where it is used efficiently to build strong bones and teeth, help blood clotting, help nerves to work, support the work of the heart muscle and make muscles squeeze together.

Why is too much calcium dangerous

Researchers are not quite sure why excess calcium deposits are found in plaque build-up on the arterial walls, one thing they do know is when excess calcium combines with bad or LDL cholesterol it can be very serious for peoples health, if plaque forms on the walls of the arteries it has the potential to block blood flow to the heart.

Doctors call plaque build-up from fatty materials, calcium and cholesterol atherosclerosis, this combination greatly increases the risks of coronary artery disease, elevated levels of calcium in the bloodstream makes the risk of a heart attack or stroke increase significantly so learning how to remove calcium from the arteries is of huge benefit to the millions of people with clogged arteries.

Reduce calcium from the arteries

Does calcium cause inflammation in the arteries

Calcium is part of the problem of inflammation in the arteries, to get control of inflammation it is important to reduce calcium from the arteries, inflammation is your body’s way of reacting to illness or injury, for example inflammation occurs in the arteries as part of the body’s response to damage caused by plaque build-up.

One negative side effect of inflammation in the arteries is the promotion of more plaque in the arteries and the possibility that plaque could loosen and cause a blood clots, blood clots are extremely dangerous because they are the primary reason for heart attacks and stroke.

Does too much calcium in the arteries cause Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a process that begins early in life, it develops over time as plaque containing calcium, fatty deposits and LDL cholesterol slowly accumulates causing the walls of the arteries to become damaged.

Damage to arterial walls can be attributed to various factors, smoking doesn’t help high calcium levels have been found in Male and females that smoke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high glucose levels and excess fat all contribute to an unhealthy situation in the arteries.

As your body responds to what is going on in the arteries by creating inflammation the arteries begin to heal however unhealthy foods, a lack of regular exercise, smoking, excess alcohol tend to add more calcium to deposits in the arteries, so let’s look at a natural alternative way to reduce calcium from the arteries.

Dr Robbins recommends a proactive approach to reduce calcium from the arteries, he says there are three reasons for this,

1. To improve blood flow and circulation

2. To reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke

3. To help with anti aging

Reduce calcium from the arteries blood flow Optimizer

Dr Sam has said that “no matter what your age is or how bad your arteries are” it is definitely possible to reduce calcium from the arteries and start the healing process to repair the damage caused by inflammation by consuming the daily recommend dose of Blood Flow Optimizer.

Dr Robbins formula of natural ingredients inside Blood Flow Optimizer means that you can reduce calcium from the arteries naturally without prescription medication or restrictive dieting, since Blood Flow Optimizer was formulated Dr Sam has helped thousands of people to reduce calcium from the arteries including his own father!

What is his advice on reducing calcium from the arteries

Doctor Robbins knows the value of calcium as a very important mineral particularly in the bones, he also recognizes that calcium deposits in the arteries is an early aging sign, so here is his advice to reduce calcium from the arteries and increase blood flow.

1. Dr Sam is a great advocate of regular exercise, many people sit a lot at their desks sometimes for hours on end, he says that regular exercise is key to becoming healthier he recommends a mix of anaerobic and aerobic, anaerobic is described as without oxygen meaning stuff like lifting weights, barbells, dumbbells or cables.

Aerobic exercise means getting as much air into your lungs as possible so a brisk walk, a jog, play sport like soccer, tennis, cycling, swimming, dancing and so on, it’s well documented that regular exercise can help to reduce calcium from the arteries.

2. Eat a better diet, simple advice but true, Dr Robbins emphasizes an anti-inflammatory diet with low sugars, for example eat

  • Fruit
  • Loads of vegetables
  • Quinoa
  • Yam
  • Leafy greens
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Legumes
  • Salmon
  • Free range eggs
  • free-range chicken
  • Grass fed buffalo/bison
  • Avacado
  • Use extra virgin olive oil

3. Dr Sam understands that you can’t always have these foods to hand either they are unavailable or too expensive, plus it’s hard to keep to it long term, so he has formulated a natural solution to reduce calcium from the arteries called Blood Flow Optimizer.

Blood Flow Optimizer has all of the essential ingredients in the recommended daily intake in other words you can reduce calcium from the arteries by consuming the correct balance of vitamins and minerals, Dr Robbins believes that you can improve blood flow to your arteries in as little as 30 days using his product.

What’s in Blood Flow Optimizer

It would be very difficult to get all of the vitamins and minerals in the correct amounts from the food that you eat, so when you need to reduce calcium from the arteries these are the specific effective, safe to take and effective ingredients that will give you improved blood flow in a few weeks all on one tiny pill!!

  • Vitamin D3 and K2-7 (mk7) (work together to remove excess calcium in the arteries)
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium (to get the calcium from the arteries and into bones)
  • White willow extract (anti-inflammatory)
  • Ginger extract (reduces blood thickness, improves circulation)
  • NAC for healthier and cleaner blood circulation

How does Blood Flow Optimizer work to reduce calcium from the arteries

Blood Flow Optimizer works to reduce calcium from the arteries in a very simple way, basically it reverses what is happening in your body, eg instead of excess calcium being kept in your blood vessels to form plaque build-up Blood Flow Optimizer takes the excess calcium and diverts it back into your bones to where it should be going to in the first place.

Customers testimonials

I find it interesting to read customers testimonials so I took a peek at HFL Solutions official website (Dr Robbins official website) to find people that use Bloood Flow Optimizer to reduce calcium from the arteries, here are a couple of interesting experiences:

“Fixed my smoking and arteries in 3 days

Bingo! The product works. I do smoke but after 3 days the blood flow optimizer has removed plaque in my arteries. I swam 6 laps with no breathing problems it is amazing.

I’m already using it with Alpha viril which has already given me on demand erections do not post my full name or email adress. After 15 years of trying all that junk your product is the real deal.

In addition, I am on the carnivore diet and I also take 3 grams of DAA every day.”

“May Almighty Allah bless you all.”

“Full approval from a combat vet and navy seal!!!

my good doctor Sam, you have turned my life around in about 4 Weeks just by my taking your ‘Blood Flow Optimizer, Alpha Viril. I have gone from 307 lbs in Jan 2018 to now (April, 2018 252 lbs—4 Months I lost 57 lbs; my mind is clear & sharp; I get all the sleep I need in 4-6 hours(night time 3-4 hours + occasions mid-Day nap for 1-Hour)

Please feel free to use my testimonial as you like

Personal history:

I am 71 years old-But people ask me regularly I’m 50-60

I have a 28-year-old girlfriend

I am disabled combat vet. . Ex-Special Forces( UDT. . Underwater Demolution

Now known as NAVY SEALS,

Please advise me about other special Dr Robbins ‘Supplementation in addition to Blood Flow Optimizer &.Alpha Viril. I trust you completely. You’ve never failed me. You have integrity which is so lacking in today’s society.

I’ve re-ordered 3x and I’m going to stock up today after I post this.”


I sincerely hope that you know have the knowledge on how to reduce calcium from the arteries, trust Dr Robbins he is an expert in his field of natural medicine to reduce calcium from the arteries, Blood Flow Optimizer is the best natural supplement to help you achieve better health.

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How to clear blood vessels Vitamin K2 and D3

How to clear blood vessels

The question of how to clear blood vessels should be of interest to many people that have blocked arteries, high blood pressure or heart disease.

Blocked blood vessels is the result of a build-up of plaque that sticks to the inner wall of the arteries, plaque build-up does impede blood flow, in a high number of cases blood flow is blocked altogether, clogged arteries significantly increase the chances of a heart attack, stroke or mortality.

How to reverse plaque build-up in arteries

Plaque build-up is a combination of harmful substances that include LDL or bad cholesterol, calcium, other fatty substances, cellular waste products and fibrin, during plaque build-up the blood vessel wall thickens narrowing the channel in the artery, blood flow reduces lessening the amount of oxygen and other healthy nutrients reaching the body.

Blood vessels become blocked, people that suffer a heart attack would have up to a 95% blockage in the arteries leading to the heart, clearing blood vessels is a must for many of us, so read on and learn how to clear blood vessels.

Vitamin D3 and clear blood vessels

Have you heard about the health benefits of vitamin D3, doctors are coming around to the idea that vitamin d3 is an essential nutrient for a healthy life, by increasing vitamin d3 levels doctors have found more renewed growth, better immune system, heightened metabolic activity, increased fertility and faster tissue repair.

Studies on vitamin D3

Over the past 10 years or so extensive studies on vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 have been published, the studies show that both of these nutrients combined have significant health benefits that include:

  • A reduction in cancer rates
  • Improved bone density
  • Support for joint function
  • Reducing cardiovascular disease

Vitamin D3 benefits

More recent research points to vitamin D3 as a way to fight off symptoms of Covid-19 infections, additionally the combination of vitamin D3 and K2 provide support for better outcomes in Corona virus cases, Vitamin k is pivotal in regulating blood clotting.

To learn more about how to clear blood vessels go to Doctor Sam Robbins website here

Vitamin d3 and the immune system

Vitamin D3 is required in adequate amounts to support a healthy body, it acts as a booster for the immune system and minimizes the risks from infectious diseases, people know it as the sunshine vitamin, however in many countries where there isn’t so much sunshine it makes perfect sense to supplement your diet with a quality vitamin D3 supplement.

Vitamin D3 has so many benefits for your health, it’s the perfect combination with vitamin K2 and how to clear blood vessels, it helps to make bones stronger, it boosts the immune system, it’s a good mood booster, and essential for overall health.

Vitamin D3 and how to clear arteries

Vitamin D3 in conjunction with vitamin K2 is the key ingredients in how to clear blood vessels, Doctor Sam Robbins has developed Blood Flow Optimizer as a completely natural way to get adequate daily amounts of both vitamins plus others that will enable you to clear blood vessels and improve blood flow to all parts of the body.

To learn more about how to clear blood vessels go to Doctor Sam Robbins website here.

Vitamin K2 is found in food

Doctors normally associate vitamin K2 as a leading component in blood coagulation, recent studies have shown how vitamin K2 is equally important in activating some very important proteins in the body, vitamin k1 can be found in green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin K2 is produced by bacteria in the gut, it can also be found in animal sources such as egg yolks and meat, it’s also found in fermented foods, vitamin k2 is available in two forms synthetic ( menaquinone-4 or MK-4) or natural K2 ( menaquionoe-7 or MK-7).

Most of us consume enough vitamin k from the food that we eat, vitamin k deficiency isn’t such a problem, having said that levels of vitamin k consumption from foods is declining steadily, many of the highly processed foods don’t contain vitamin K2, so there is a problem.

Remember vitamin k2 has a significant part to play in a healthy cardiovascular system, an unhealthy cardiovascular system will mean blocked blood vessels, read on and find out how you can use a quality vitamin k2 supplement as part of the solution in how to clear blood vessels.

How does vitamin K2 help to clear blood vessels

The problem with blocked blood vessels is the combination of substances that are causing plaque build-up in the endothelium or blood vessel wall, the situation is exacerbated when your body diverts calcium to your arteries instead of to your bones.

This process is known as calcification of the arteries, scientists aren’t really sure what causes excess calcium in the arteries, its thought that certain factors play a part, one of the primary reasons is smoke, high calcium levels are found in heavy smokers.

High cholesterol and excess body fat add to the problem, people with diabetes also have high calcium scores, so the combination of all three leads to a condition known as atherosclerosis, people with high calcium scores in their blood are more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke.

The key to stopping your body from diverting excess calcium into your arteries lies in using the unique qualities of vitamin K2 and D3 to help your body learn how to clear blood vessels by using excess calcium for the benefit of stronger bones rather than putting you at risk of something serious happening.

To learn more about how to clear blood vessels go to Doctor Sam Robbins website here

Vitamin K2 health benefits

So, vitamin K2 reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by being safe and efficient at reducing calcium build-up in the arteries that lead to your heart, during a study in Rotterdam researchers studied the intake of vitamin K1 and K2 of the study participants.

The Dutch people in the 10-year study comprised both men and women over the age of 55, the study findings concluded that by taking about 25 μg/ per day of vitamin K2 significantly reduced by 57% the risk of dying from a heart attack, furthermore the studied showed severe calcification of the arteries reduced by 52%.

A further note in relation to this lengthy study was that risks of coronary heart disease reduced by 41%, the study concluded that vitamin k1 had absolutely no effect on mortality or heart disease, need I say anymore on how important vitamin K2 is in the process of how to clear blood vessels.

What is vitamin K2 good for

People want to know can K2 remove plaque from the arteries, the evidence points to a resounding yes to this question, there is no doubt that a quality vitamin K2 and D3 supplement can over time reverse severe calcification of the arteries in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Vitamin K2 has other health benefits that include supporting and preventing osteoporosis, healthy bones are essential to overall health, we need our bodies to keep producing calcium for stronger bones, vitamin K2 supports the body in moving calcium from the arteries into the bone.

Vitamin K2 may prevent osteoporosis

The aging process can take its toll on bone production whereby more bone could be lost is being produced, this process can lead to brittle bone disease or fractures, some studies show that vitamin K2 can help to protect and keep bones healthy.

A 2017 meta analysis study of 13 participants looked at how bone density was affected by taking 15-45 mgs of vitamin K2 supplement daily results showed that vitamin K2 significantly reduced fractures of the vertebral (spine) by 60%, hip fractures by a high 77% and non vertebral (spine) by as much as 81%.

To learn more about how to clear blood vessels go to Doctor Sam Robbins website here

Vitamin k2 cancer study

In 2019 nearly 25,000 took part in a cancer study, it was found that getting adequate amounts of vitamin K2 through diet supported a lower risk of cancer, not in men but in women, in addition where lung and prostate cancer were present it was found that these conditions were lessened where vitamin K2 was consumed in diet.

Where to get adequate amounts of vitamin K2

If you feel that you don’t get adequate amounts of vitamin K2 or you have the symptoms of high blood pressure, you want to know how to clear blood vessels, heart disease, brittle bone disease, osteoporosis, or you just want to boost your immune system then there are two ways to achieve adequate amounts of vitamin K2.

Vitamin k2 is found in many foods that include:

  • Dark meat
  • Egg yolks
  • Dairy (butter, cheese, yoghurt)
  • Natto (traditional Japanese soybean dish)

You may already get vitamin K2 from these sources, however adequate doses according to the National Institute of Health in the case of vitamin K1 and K2 is 90 mcg for women and 120 mcg daily for men,

To make sure that you get the recommended vitamin K2 daily dosage I suggest that you purchase a quality vitamin K2 and D3 supplement, recommended examples are:

Doctor Sam Robbins Blood flow optimizer

Doctor Sam Robbins Blood Flow Optimizer is a natural vitamin K2 and D3 supplement specifically formulated to clear blood vessels, Doctor Robbins is an endocrinologist, he has spent a lot of time researching how to clear blood vessels, his product does exactly that with the perfect combination of nutrients.

I took a look at some of the customer testimonials Blood Flow Optimizer, to be honest there is no doubt in my mind that Doctor Robbins product is the answer to your question how to clear blood vessels, just read what people are saying about this wonderful product:

  • “Overall healthier and warmer after almost 2 bottles of use, I feel much loser and more flexible all over. I’m able to exercise more often now and in the process I’ve lost a little bit of weight. Not much, but what matters most is I do feel better and my hands and feet feel warmer. Sometimes they used to feel clammy. But now they are warm and nice to touch. Not embarrassed when I shake someone’s hand.”
  • “In only one week. We could tell a difference in so many ways after taking it for just one week, 2 pills daily with breakfast. Thought processes were clearer and energy was remarkable. Also, my husband was experiencing some erectile dysfunction and that is a thing of the past.”

“No more blockage, its miracle

A couple years ago I had 40% blockage of one of my coronary arteries. After 18 months of flow optimizer usage, with a repeat arteriogram, I had no blockage. It’s a miracle. I take it daily 3 pills with breakfast”

Why not give Blood Flow Optimizer a try, Dr Robbins has a special deal on his website right now, go here to find out more.

Are there side effects

You should be aware that vitamin K2 may interact with some blood thinning medications such as warfarin, consult your doctor before using vitamin K2 because it could make warfarin less effective meaning a risk of blood clots.

If you are taking antibiotics or weight loss supplements consult your doctor or health care practitioner before taking vitamin K2.

Other than that Doctor Sam Robbins Blood Flow Optimizer has no reported side effects, however each person has a different metabolism that could affect how the product interacts with the body.


The studies on vitamin K2 and D3 leave no doubt in my mind that the way to clear blood vessels and become healthier is to get the best Vitamin k2 and D3 supplement on the market, I highly recommend that you try Blood Flow Optimizer from Doctor Sam Robbins.

Remember the Rotterdam study proved that patients with the maximum daily intake of vitamin K2 had 50% less risk of mortality from heart disease than people on low levels of vitamin k1, vitamin K2 and D3 are essential nutrients to clean blood vessels.

Studies on animals have shown that vitamin K2 a d D3 support the activation of a vascular protein called GMP, when this protein is activated it binds to the calcium and prevents it building up in the arteries, this action begins the process of reversing arterial calcification.

In a nutshell, the only answer to your question on how to clear blood vessels is to get adequate daily amounts of vitamin K2 and D3 by taking Doctor Sam Robbins product Blood Flow Optimizer.

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