Naturally shrink uterine fibroids

Naturally shrink uterine fibroids

Is it possible to naturally shrink uterine fibroids, although uterine fibroids are non-cancerous they are associated with abdominal pain and severe heavy periods, problems arise when they grow, they affect mostly women in their 40s and 50s.

Vitamin D3 could naturally shrink uterine fibroids

A recent study published in Complimentary Therapy Clinical Practice journal outlined that Vitamin D3 could stop uterine fibroids growing, the ladies in the study experiment were given a Vitamin D3 supplement, fibroids shrunk significantly by volume.

The placebo group on the other hand reported a significant increase in the size of fibroids, lower levels of Vitamin D3 have been proven to be linked to more severe cases of uterine fibroids, scientists have found that Curcumin a potent anti-inflammatory can naturally shrink uterine fibroids cells and stop them from reproducing.

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Group of Women

What groups of women get uterine fibroids

Approximately 20-80% of women could develop uterine fibroids before they reach 50 years of age, uterine fibroids are more common in women between 40-50 years, however not all of them display signs or symptoms of fibroids, scientific research may be the answer to naturally shrink uterine fibroids.

What are these uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids consist of muscular tumors that are found growing in the wall of the uterus or womb, almost exclusively fibroids are non-cancerous, you may or may not have symptoms, those women that have symptoms will find life difficult, the main symptoms are heavy menstrual bleeding and pain.

Regular heavy bleeding and pain can drive women to find out if its possible to naturally shrink uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are more than likely to grow in women following the menopause, although the most common symptoms are heavy menstrual bleeding and pain other symptoms include:

  • Constipation
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Frequent urination
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Heavy/painful periods
  • Bloating or a feeling of fullness in the abdomen
  • Lower back pain
  • Leg pain.

As many as 75% of women could develop uterine fibroids during their lifetime, most growths will remain undetected and without any symptoms, more than likely these growths will be discovered during a routine prenatal ultrasound or during a pelvic exam by a doctor.

Naturally shrink uterine fibroids

Are there different uterine fibroids

Yes, there are a number of differing uterine fibroids and they include:

  • Sunserosal fibroids grow on the outside of the womb, they put pressure on the bladder causing urinary pain, if these fibroids grow on the back of the womb they may cause pressure on the spinal nerve and bring on a headache.
  • Submucosal fibroids grow on the inner lining of the womb (uterus) they are more than likely going to cause painful and heavy bleeding during periods.
  • Intramural fibroids are found inside the walls of the uterine, they can grow so large that they change the shape of the uterus and cause painful heavy periods in addition to pressure or transferred pain.

What are the causes

Let’s take a look at the causes of uterine fibroids and the answer to can you naturally sharing uterine fibroids, researchers have come to an agreement that hormones have a role to play in the formation of fibroids, the growth of fibroids can be impacted by progesterone and estrogen levels.

The growth of fibroids could also be related to other reasons such as abnormalities in the blood vessels, changes in growth factor expression, these changes have an impact on cell growth and size, other factors are related to tissue responding to injury.

Inflammation plays a role

Curcumin may help to naturally shrink uterine fibroids, one of the causes of fibroids is the presence of inflammation, this inflammation could be caused by a condition known as endometriosis, endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the tissue that is normally found in the lining of the womb actually grows outside the uterus.

Over the years studies on Curcumin have time and again shown that it can reduce inflammation caused by endometriosis, Curcumin works by inhibiting uterine leoimyoma cells, they are responsible for producing fibronectin, fibronectin is a type one collagen found in uterine fibroids.

By taking a quality Curcumin supplement you naturally shrink uterine fibroids, Curcumin also helps to shrink uterine fibroids naturally by reducing inflammation and therefore swelling, Curcumin can stop the reproductive nature of collage that is found in fibroids.

Curcumin x 4000 to naturally shrink uterine fibroids

Natural relief for uterine fibroids symptoms

Medical treatment for uterine fibroids will depend on the symptoms, many cases are manageable, doctors tend to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs for pain management, other treatments include oral contraceptives ( IUDs) or a contraceptive injection like depo- prevara, however not every injection is successful.

Chronic inflammation is closely associated with uterine fibroids, by targeting inflammation using a quality Curcumin supplement you are on the right road to naturally shrink uterine fibroids.

Anti-inflammatory drugs don’t always work to reduce inflammation, they don’t tackle the source of the inflammation, in other words they may help to reduce pain but won’t address the root cause of symptoms namely inflammation.

A Curcumin supplement is a very effective way to naturally shrink uterine fibroids, to purchase a quality Curcumin supplement and find natural relief for uterine fibroids symptoms go to Good Health Naturally.

Serrapeptase may help with dead scar tissue

Dead fibrous tissue could lie dormant in the body, it may not be able to be flushed out by the body and could cause pain, by adding Serrapeptase a natural enzyme you aim to clear dead tissue and alleviate those painful symptoms, we also recommend that you follow a healthy diet and get regular exercise to boost your chances during the healing process.


I hope by now that you are more aware of what you can take to naturally shrink uterine fibroids, the scientific studies point to Vitamin D3 and Curcumin as as proven ways to naturally shrink uterine fibroids, Serrapeptase is recommended to clear up any dead tissue floating around in the body.