Male testosterone booster the facts

Male testosterone booster

Are you having symptoms of low testosterone or have you have been diagnosed with low T levels and you are looking at a Male testosterone booster to find out if a testosterone supplement is the best way for you to boost low testosterone levels.

Let me give you all of the information about low testosterone and why you should consider a Male testosterone booster.

When do testosterone levels drop in men

According to science, there is a natural drop-off in testosterone levels in men about 1% each year, it starts to decline after you reach 30 years of age and continues for the rest of your life.

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What is testosterone

Testosterone is produced in the Male testicles it is a sex hormone, women also make testosterone but in smaller amounts, us guys need to make testosterone in early life to develop our sexual health (producing sperm) and other functions, during our teenage years this sex hormone helps boys to grow body hair, develop a deeper voice and build up our muscle strength.

What else is testosterone needed for

We know that testosterone is an important Male hormone that the male body needs throughout its life to:

  • Build bone density
  • Distribute fat
  • Grow body and facial hair
  • Develop a sex drive
  • Support red blood cells to grow

Levels of testosterone production reach a peak usually during early childhood and adolescence, from then it begins to slowly decline about 1% once you hit 30 and head for 40, its important for older men to know what is causing low T levels, is it because of the normal aging process or is it down to a disease called hypogonadism.

What is hypogonadism

Hypogonadism is a Male disease that inhibits the body to make normal amounts of testosterone because of an issue in the testicles or in the pituitary gland that manages them, if that is the case what are your options and would a Male testosterone booster help?

What would a doctor recommend

A doctor that has identified the cause of low testosterone levels as being the disease hypogonadism will normally recommend therapy to replace lost testosterone in the form of patches, pellets, gels or injections, perhaps you have been down this road already and you want to know what your options are or if a Male testosterone booster will benefit you.

Medical terminology testosterone imageMedical terminology

How is low testosterone levels defined, according to the American Urology Association low testosterone is defined as any level less than 30p ng (nanograms) of the sex hormone per dl (deciliter) of blood, it’s also known that at least two men in every hundred suffer from low testosterone.

How would you know your testosterone levels are low

Let’s get back to the facts based on scientific research and evidence, did you know that over one third of men over their middle forties could have lower than average testosterone levels, at this point let’s see what are the symptoms to look out for:

  • Low libido
  • Loss of body hair (not just on top)
  • Issues concentrating
  • The growth of man boobs
  • Grumpiness
  • Irritability
  • Hot flashes
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Erectile dysfunction

See your doctor

You find yourself with some or all of the above symptoms it’s time if you already haven’t done so to see your doctor so that he or she can eliminate any potentially more critical reasons that are causing your testosterone to drop, for example it could be a thyroid problem or high blood pressure.

Those issues can be treated with the proper medication, most doctors won’t recommend a Male testosterone booster in cases like this, a very simple blood test will determine whether or not your testosterone levels are below average.

Testosterone therapy

As we have seen age and other reasons cause testosterone levels to drop, testosterone therapy is an option, like everything it has pros and cons, for example it has been established that some older males that are on testosterone therapy may find that they are at an increased risk of a cardiovascular event.

There are a number of prescription medications that claim to boost testosterone levels but in reality they don’t all work and some have some awful side effects.

Considering other options like a Male testosterone booster,? Get the facts before you consider purchasing a Male testosterone booster supplement, like every other testosterone therapy a Male testosterone booster has a number of pros but also cons.

What are the pros of a testosterone booster

The first thing to bring to your attention is the fact that testosterone levels can be up and down over time, so it can be a little difficult to calculate the ideal level for your age and physique, as you get older testosterone therapy might sound appealing, however there are a lot of misunderstandings about what treatment can and cannot do for low testosterone levels.

Down to the pros of a Male testosterone booster, as men go over 40, low T is quite common, symptoms are slowing muscle growth, lack of focus, unmotivated, sudden weight gain, and fatigue during the day plus a few others, the worst part about low T levels is that your doctor may not give you any sympathy.

First you need a make testosterone booster that is proven to work, is made from natural ingredients, is safe and effective, and importantly free of any nasty side effects, what if I told you that I have just the answer to low testosterone and all the associated symptoms.

It’s called Testroden , it’s made by LEADING HEALTH INC. a natural health company that places great emphasis on scientific research before they develop a new product, that is indeed the case with Testroden, a clinically proven Male testosterone booster that guarantees to boost those low T levels and helping men to feel more energized and alert, it also helps to rebuild muscle mass and lose weight.

What do you have to do to boost testosterone levels

Simply purchase enough supply of Testroden add it to your daily routine by consuming just one capsule each day. It won’t be long before you begin to feel better as your results kick in, Testroden contains a 100% natural compound called Furosap®, this compound is formulated to enhance the testosterone multiplying benefits of Fenugreek.

Fenugreek is one of those popular herbs that has a lot of studies behind it, the studies confirm that Fenugreek is a wonderful herb capable of boosting testosterone and enhancing performance.

What are the cons of a Male testosterone booster

It would be remiss of me not to point out the potential side effects of a Male testosterone booster, I’m saying potential because most men that try Testroden report few side effects, so here is a list of potential side effects.

  • Acne
  • Infertility
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Hair loss
  • Crankiness
  • Heightened aggressiveness

What is the best time for testosterone to be created

Your body never stops creating testosterone, all day it turns testosterone into estrogen, testosterone levels drop as the evening time falls, when you sleep the production of testosterone goes in through the night, as you fall asleep your body begins a process that involves fixing damaged cells in your body.

These are a mixture of cells including muscle, sperm, skin and bone density cells, as these cells repair something magic happens as the Male hormone levels are brought back into balance, the stress hormone is called cortisol, as you sleep it goes down, elevated estrogen levels tells your body that T levels are low.

The testicles get the message, then they start the process of producing more testosterone to bring it back up to normal levels, a Male testosterone booster like Testroden contains so many natural ingredients that help most men over 40 to boost their T levels.

How do testosterone boosting supplements actually work

A quality Male testosterone booster like Testroden will work by supporting the body’s natural processes to progressively increase testosterone levels over a number of weeks, it does take time but the rewards in terms of your energy and health are worth the investment.

Its important to get the timing right when you have to take your testosterone booster, I’ve spoken to a lot of experts in this field, the best advice is not to take a Male testosterone booster before you workout, it won’t do anything for you, if you are over 40 athletic performance is probably the last thing on your mind.

The manufacturers of Testroden recommend that you should take this Male testosterone booster last thing at night because as you sleep your body is busy making more testosterone so by taking one make testosterone booster at night you are supporting the process.

All you need to take is just one a day, just to point out a testosterone supplement will work for most men that give it the time to work, it isn’t a miracle.

Do low testosterone levels cause symptoms and signs of aging

In a nutshell, no is the answer to that question, having said that the signs and symptoms of aging might occur because testosterone levels keep falling away the older you get, signs and symptoms to look out for include:

  • Physical changes: A number of physical changes can happen, they include reduced muscle mass, increased body fat, reduced strength, man boobs, decreased bone density, and less energy.
  • Emotional change: Lower levels of testosterone can add to a decline in confidence and motivation, sadness or depression are quite common.
  • Sexual function changes: Including a reduction in desire to have sexual intercourse, less impulsive erections.

Other causes

These signs and symptoms can of course be caused by other things going on in your life, these include side effects of medications, thyroid issues, depression, diabetes, sleep apnea, and stress.

A word about natural supplements

As is the case with most natural ingredients they need time to reach into your system and build-up, Male testosterone boosters are no different, once you allow enough time for the ingredients to assimilate your body will work with those natural ingredients to develop more T cells.

Its untrue to say that by taking a natural testosterone booster before a workout will suddenly give you a boost in energy, that just isn’t the case in the real world, the optimal time to take a natural testosterone booster is just before you go to sleep, that way your testicles will have that extra support to make more testosterone.

I really do hope that I have given you enough information on make testosterone booster to help you decide whether it is the right option for you, if you do decide to try a testosterone booster may I recommend Testroden, I’m confident that it will do the job for you.

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