What is Circutol??

What is Circutol

People want to know what is Circutol from Advanced Bionutritionals, does the thought of having more energy, a better memory or much improved skin tone appeal to you? Well let me tell you a little bit more about Circutol this amazing new natural supplement that improves circulation.

I don’t know about you but when I had poor circulation I tried so many different remedies like cayenne, ginger, L-Arginine, ginkgo, I even tried Nattokinase, the results were mixed, most of them did help to improve my circulation somewhat.

What is CircutolWhat really changed my mind about the best way to improve blood circulation happened when I read an article from Dr Steve Kroening ND about a new discovery called Circutol that could boost circulation from head to toe, it even works where blood finds it hard to reach right into those tiny capillaries.

Dr Steve Kroening Who is Steve Kroening

Dr Steve Kroening is a naturopathic doctor for more than 25 years, he is an enthusiastic writer on natural medicine, his books cover many topics relating to optimizing your health through good nutrition and healthy lifestyle, he has helped many thousands of people to get healthier using safe, effective and natural therapies.

Down through the years it has become apparent to Steve the importance of proper circulation, without it people begin to feel tired more quickly or they run out if puff, it’s all because the heart is struggling to pump enough blood for your bodies demands.

Cold hands and feet

I remember my late mother often complained about cold hands and feet, she did smoke quite a lot, I can only assume that the cigarette smoking was the main cause of her symptoms, I mean if blood circulation is finding it difficult to reach fingers and toes it stands to reason that a person will feel cold in those areas.

My research tells me that poor circulation can also affect memory, mainly because not enough blood is getting to the brain, another problem can be skin discoloration, simply put poor circulation can cause a lot of problems for people, when people ask what is Circutol the answer is a complete solution for poor circulation.

Dr Kroening wanted to be able to offer a perfect natural alternative to people that could improve circulation and support a healthier heart, let me tell you a little bit more about Circutol and answer all your questions on what is Circutol from Advanced Bionutritionals.

What is CircutolCircutol is a new breakthrough

Circutol is a new breakthrough in the area of improving blood circulation, Circutol is specially formulated by Dr Kroening using 6 of the best natural ingredients scientifically proven to boost circulation and support better heart health.

So, what makes Circutol so special? Steve has done his research and has taken a close look at some ancient Chinese medicine particularly a herb called Chinese Salvia, although the Chinese have known about Salvia for thousands of years for some strange reason it hasn’t been used in Chinese medicine.

That is not until a recent discovery uncovered a nutrient called Magnesium tanshinoate B. or MTB that is present in Chinese Sativa was found to naturally relax blood vessels by keeping them open allowing blood to flow more freely and easily,

This amazing discovery was enhanced when scientists also found that MTB could not only help to relax blood vessels it could also block the oxidative effects of “bad” LDL cholesterol, these harmful effects are very dangerous much more so than normal LDL.


Oxidative stress in the arteries can damage the endothelium lining especially if plaque forms and hardens, it can stick to the artery walls causing blockages and poor circulation, Circutol contains Chinese Sativa, the MTB blocks LDL oxidation and protects the arteries and blood vessels from damage, all of this is good for blood circulation.

What is Circutol for

One possible answer to your question what is Circutol for is the fact that the benefits of MTB don’t just stop at providing better circulation the herb also protects the heart muscle and regulates blood pressure, a fact borne out by many scientific studies.

What is Circutol for, in relation to blood clots and platelet aggregation, the Chinese Sativa herb effectively reduces blood clots and platelet aggregation (the clumping together of platelets in the blood) meaning better blood flow and circulation especially in those minuscule blood vessels in the bodies extremities.

If you are one of the millions of people that have colds hands and feet, Circutol with Chinese Sativa could be something that you could try to increase blood circulation to your hands and feet and get them warmer! In addition to better circulation this magic herb has been shown to support healthier homocysteine levels and c-reactive protein levels, this is indeed good news for your heart and cardiovascular system.

What is Circutol lower blood pressure

Circutol for lower blood pressure

Circutol has been proven to lower blood pressure by blocking ace converting enzymes also known as ACE, these are bad news for your heart so by blocking them Chinese Sativa supports better blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Dr Kroening has seen firsthand the benefits of Chinese Sativa, he has read all the studies, then he wondered if he could make Circutol a one stop supplement for circulation by adding more of his favorite ingredients for circulation and a healthier heart into one amazing supplement.

She enlisted the help of a trusted colleague and friend Dr Isaac Eliaz, together they carefully put together a formula that was broad based to support your heart, circulation, brain, immune system and so much more, the end result was Circutol with Chinese Sativa and 5 other powerhouse ingredients……

Natto Nattokinase

Heard about Nattokinase?

Nattokinase has been around for 30 years or more, actually it’s an enzyme taken from a popular Chinese staple natto, natto is fermented soybean, many scientists have studied natto or Nattokinase, it’s been proven beyond doubt that Nattokinase has an innate ability to dissolve blood clots, enhance circulation and support healthy blood pressure.

Unquestionably Nattokinase is a powerful nutrient for better circulation and a healthier heart, there is only one slight problem the actual strength of Nattokinase depends on the way it is fermented, the way it is manufactured and how much there us in each capsule.

Dr Isaac decided that only the best and strongest Nattokinase would be good enough to be included in the formula for Circutol so he included NSK-SD, it is manufactured from non-GMO soya beans using a special patented strain of Bacillus bacteria.

To remove the risk of Circutol interfering with blood thinning medications Dr Isaac has made sure that the nsk-sd contained in Circutol is completely free of vitamin k because it can cause problems when used with blood thinners like warfarin.

What else is in Circutol

Certainly there is an ample amount of Nattokinase NSK-SD in Circutol to ensure that you experience it’s full benefits, the good news is that Dr Eliaz hasn’t stopped there, he has added another of my favorite natural remedies for the heart in Hawthorn Berry, it has been studied and shown many times to boost circulation and support healthy blood pressure.

Hawthorn berry

Hawthorn berry works to relax blood vessels and coronary arteries, on addition it improves heart function and regulates heartbeat, another feature of hawthorn berry is it’s ability to increase the supply of oxygen into the blood, meaning you would have more energy.

In one noted study of hawthorn berry patients with breathing difficulties were given hawthorn berry, after some time had passed the patient’s studied reported a significant fall off in symptoms such as fatigue and breathing, that’s not all did you know that hawthorn berry has anti-inflammatory properties and can lower cholesterol and reduce pain.?


Have you ever heard of Reishi? Neither did I until I read Dr Kroenings books, apparently it is a popular medicinal mushroom, it can boost the immune system and protect the circulatory system and the heart.

Reishi works as part of what is Circutol by lowering triglycerides and removing unwanted cholesterol from the blood, it lowers blood pressure and it is an anti-inflammatory. Reishi has been known to even slow down the aging process.

I want to tell you about Himalayan mountain guides and how they have to be super fit to be able to walk many miles each day, not only do they have to walk many miles they also have to carry some serious weight on their backs in the form of food and equipment.

How do they do it?

They have to do all this physical activity every day at some very high altitudes, the air is thinner so breathing can be difficult, it’s a very demanding job, the reason they are so physically able for this difficult job is the fact that they eat Cordyceps, bet you’ve never heard of Cordyceps?

Cordyceps what is Circutol

Well, Cordyceps is a local food that people on that part of the word take, it’s amazing because it really boosts energy levels, fights fatigue, and improves stamina, some studies suggest that it can boost energy by more than 50%! What is Circutol without Cordyceps, a much less effective product in my view.

Does Circutol have side effects

As I mentioned in this article what is Circutol from Advanced Bionutritionals people will want to know if Circutol has any side effects, well the answer in the main is no, Circutol is packed full of proven herbs and nutrients formulated to improve circulation no matter how long it’s there.

Rest assured if Circutol doesn’t work for you or for some strange reason you have some side effects that would be unusual, the good news is that you are covered by the 90-day money back guarantee, to learn more about this offer go to the official Advanced Bionutritionals website here.

I firmly believe in eating right, getting regular exercise, trying to have a stress free life, sleeping well, laugh a lot, and generally keeping my life in balance, poor circulation is a major problem for so many, it can have a serious impact on your life, if you find that poor circulation is affecting your life why not give Circutol a try.

To learn more about what is Circutol go to the official website here.

How much does Circutol cost

Circutol contain 6 of the finest nutrients that are backed by science to boost circulation, if you were to buy them all separately it could cost more than $90 for a months supply, the good news is you can buy all 6 in the one supplement and the cost is only $33.25 per bottle, the company also have a special offer where you can buy Circutol for an even cheaper price, learn more here.

Circutol customer testimonials

Circutol *

By Edward C. (Malawi ) – 1/4/2019

My energy levels have sky-rocketed, urinary flow has become easy, my skin appearance has improved and I look younger, to mention but a few. I Recommend This Supplement Verified Customer

Circutol *

By PATRICIA M. (CAHONE, CO) – 12/14/2018

I am very pleased with my results from using Circutol. I can tell that it has improved my circulation due to better blood flow to my lower extremities. My feet are warmer now and I have more hair growth on my lower legs. I am very pleased that this product does what it claims to do and I would recommend it to a friend. I Recommend This Supplement Verified Customer Advanced Bionutritionals.

Highly recommended! *

By Barnabas K. (Canada ) – 8/19/2018

Works exactly as described! It really helps with my circulation and can feel it working