What is the best nattokinase supplement?

What is the best nattokinase supplement?

In this article I’m going to cover what is the best Nattokinase supplement?

Nattokinase is an enzyme derived and isolated from the popular Japanese dish natto, natto is a vegetable derivative of cheese it has been praised for its taste and cardiovascular support characteristics.

Back in the 80’s a young Japanese student made an accidental discovery that natto could dissolve fibrin, fibrin is a by-product of blood coagulation and can cause atherosclerosis or a heart attack.

Nattokinase is an enzyme with strong fibrinolytic activity meaning it supports fibrinolytic activity and the body’s natural blood clotting process.

The fibrinolytic process

The fibrinolytic process or fibrinolysis is a natural part of the body’s processes, however as we age this activity deteriorates and issues arise with blood flow and plaque build-up in the arteries.

Nattokinase has been studied in great detail, one such study showed that Nattokinase maintains healthy fibrinolytic activity by inactivating activator precluder.

Nattokinase studies

Nattokinase works much in the same way as plasmin by degrading the fibrin, a study of 12 Japanese people who were in rude good health examined the effects of Nattokinase from natto good. Results determined that Nattokinase contributes to healthy blood clotting in comparison to a placebo.

During a study of Nattokinase and its effect on animals, it determined that Nattokinase provided good support for healthy blood flow, the study was conducted by Jcr Pharmaceutical Japan and Biotechnology Research labs.

The research was taken one step further in 1995 by the Kurashiki University and the Miyazaki Medical College the scientists found that Nattokinase promoted healthy blood flow.

How is Nattokinase made?

Nattokinase is produced by a specific fermentation process using natto as the core base, the extraction process produces the Nattokinase enzyme in turn it is inserted into a capsule or tablet, in Japan Nattokinase is available in powder form.

Nattokinase is deemed to be an alternative natural treatment for cardiovascular disease, it is generally tolerable and safe to take, however it may cause a reaction with blood thinners.

What are Nattokinase health benefits?

Nattokinase is an alternative medicine, it is thought that people with heart disease and vascular diseases will benefit from taking the enzyme. Other health benefits include;

• Angina relief

• Deep vein thrombosis pain relief

• Reduction in atherosclerosis

• Lowering of high blood pressure

• Easing of symptoms peripheral artery disease

• Helpful for stroke

• Clearing of varicose veins

• Treatment following a heart attack

• Reduction in plaque build-up in the arteries

Up to this point we don’t have enough data from larger type studies to confirm that Nattokinase is beneficial for some or all of the above health conditions.

However, the smaller studies that were done give a very strong indication that Nattokinase is indeed helpful for a range of health conditions, most people find it easy to take in tablet or capsule form.


Nattokinase may cause an interaction with prescription blood thinners, if you are in this category it’s better to stay away, pregnant or breast-feeding women should avoid Nattokinase.

Have you been thinking about trying Nattokinase?

If you have any of the above health conditions then Nattokinase may be an alternative medicine that you would like to try, there are so many Nattokinase manufacturers it can be hard to decide what is the best Nattokinase supplement?

I have experience of taking Nattokinase for blocked arteries, I can personally vouch for its effectiveness, I have put together this guide to help you decide what is the best Nattokinase supplement.

Top of my list ( because I use it myself, I find that it works) I do like to try products before I recommend them, so in this case I can stand over my Nattokinase recommendation.

Nattokinase from Good Health Naturally contains Nattokinase 2,000 fu and Rutin a powerful antithtombic substance, the human body naturally produces many enzyme types to make thrombus (blood clots).

One of those enzymes that has the capacity to break thrombus down is plasmon, Nattokinase has the exact same qualities to break blood clots down and is beneficial for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, poor circulation.

Nattokinase from Good Health Naturally is in my opinion the answer to your question what is the best Nattokinase supplement?

To find out more go to the Good Health website here.


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Nusapure Nattokinase 1.Nattokinase 400 mg 200 Capsules 4000 FU (Non-GMO & Gluten Free) Supports Cardiovascular Health, Natural Blood Thinner

This Nattokinase product is promoted by Nusapure, they recommend it for cardiovascular health, lowering high blood pressure and for maintaining healthy levels of blood circulation.

The product is a double strength Nattokinase manufactured in an FDA facility in the United States, this product is double the strength of most other brands at 4,000 FU or 400 mg per serving.

Nusapure say that the ingredients of each of their products are listed so you can make an informed choice.


Capsule form 2000 FU or 200 mg per capsule.

Sold in


The fact that this Nattokinase is double the strength of most other brands make it stand out, 71% of customers gave the product a 5-star rating. It is tested for purity in the USA, one customer explained how her cardiologist suggested that she try Nattokinase as an alternative to blood thinning drugs.

Customers reported that the product was effective for high blood pressure, varicose veins, cardiovascular disease and blood flow.


I discovered after reading customer comments that the product isn’t double the dose of most Nattokinase products, the company suggest that you take two capsules per dose so the claim that it is double the strength is a bit misleading.


Competitive, you get a 20% discount if you purchase 4 bottles.

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Doctor's best Nattokinase2. Doctor’s Best Nattokinase 2,000 Fu, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Supports Cardiovascular and Circulatory Health, 90 Veggie Caps.

Doctor’s best is a well-known brand, they supply a lot of different supplements including Serrapeptase, what they say is that Nattokinase is an enzyme that comes from natto, a Japanese soy food, non-GMO soya beans are boiled before the fermentation process with friendly bacteria Bacillus subtitles to produce Nattokinase.

Doctor’s best Nattokinase has tremoved the vitamin k2, it has been shown to provide support for the circulatory system by keeping fibrinogen levels at a normal level.


Available in 2,000 FU 90 veggie caps, they say that their Nattokinase lowers levels of plasma proteins that can have an effect on blood flow.


If this isn’t an incentive to try Nattokinase then nothing is, the Japanese people have great longevity, they are the oldest population in the world, they put that down to eating natto every day. Doctor’s best is a well-recognised brand, 844 customers have given feedback on this product and 75% of those gave it a 5-star rating.


Be very careful if you are taking blood thinners because this product will thin your blood even more and you risk bleeding out or bruise easily.


Competitive excellent value.

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Nattomax jarrow3.Jarrow Formulas NattoMax, Supports Healthy Circulation, 100 mg, 30 Veggie Caps

This Nattokinase enzyme product comes from Jarrow Formulas a science-based product company that has received numerous awards over the years, the latest 2019 Taste for life essential supplements award.

Jarrow Formulas promote their Nattokinase product as a powerful fibrinolytic enzyme supporting clear, healthy blood vessels. Their product is made from purified Nattokinase veggie capsules that support healthy circulation and are meeting the strictest criteria set down by the company.


Jarrow formulas Nattomax is sold in 100 mg 30 capsules.


The Jarrow formulas company is family company that seems to go to great lengths to scientifically evaluate all of their products, it started out as a one-man band and now it is one of the top supplement manufacturers in the USA.

Over 115 customers left reviews on this Nattokinase product, 67% of those rated the product as 5 stars, good for high blood pressure, endometriosis, leg pain and blood clotting.


The product is only available in 100 mgs dosage so if you have a serious condition and you need a stronger dose, I suggest some of the other choices.

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Naturetition Nattokinase 4.Nattokinase 200mg 4,000 Fibrinolytic Units ~ 200 Capsules – No Additives ~ Naturetition Supplements

by Naturetition Supplements.

I put this Nattokinase 200 mg 4,000 fibrinolytic units in the mix because it is one of the stronger doses and the price is acceptable. They give a list of the ingredients; it is completely natural.

This Nattokinase product has no additives, preservatives, artificial flavours, corn, yeast, milk or milk derivatives, salt, lactose, soy, sodium, starch, wheat or sugar. It is a best quality Nattokinase and made in the United states.


The bottle contains 200 capsules with 4,000 FU each, so it is a powerful dosage, only one customer gave a rating however it was a 1pp% 5-star rating.


The fact that not many people have rated the product is a slight drawback but I don’t think that is strong enough evidence not to try this brand.


You get 200 capsules at the higher dose for a reasonable price.

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Marine essentials Nattokinase 5. Marine Essentials Nattokinase Dietary Supplement – 100mg Vegan Formula Nattokinase Supplements for Heart Health and Circulation (60 Veg Capsules)

by Marine Essentials

I like the idea of marine essentials; events name is synonymous with the latest research on supplements.

The company always strive for the best cutting-edge ingredients to meet their customers’ needs with the proper dosage that is driven by science. Marine essentials have a quality team of researchers, scientists and manufacturers that makes their Nattokinase a premium product.


60 veggie capsules 100 mg.


Marine essentials offer a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, their product is designed to increase blood flow by unclogging arteries. Their product combats excess fibrin and cuts down on arterial inflammation. They have a helpline that is available to people to answer questions, neds or comments.


Very competitively priced

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Horbaach Nattokinase 6. Nattokinase Supplement 4000 FU 150 Capsules | Non-GMO, Gluten Free | Supports Cardiovascular and Circulatory Health | by Horbaach

by Horbäach

Horbäach is a family owned supplements business, three generations on fact, they have built their success on hard work, expertise and growth. They started off in 1971 as a father and son operation, their goal is to provide the highest quality supplements at the lowest price, they operate to the highest quality assurance standards.

Horbäach follows good manufacturing practice, they produce all their own products so they know what goes into each one.

Their Nattokinase supplement contains 4,000 FU (units of activity) it is non-GMO and gluten free; the product is free of wheat, lactose, milk, artificial flavours or colourings.

Horbaach Nattokinase was scientifically designed to regulate fibrin, fibrin is a protein that is involved in blood clotting, their product is taken from natto, the popular Japanese food. Horbaach Nattokinase supplement provides 200 mgs or 4,000 FUs (fibrinolytic units per serving) it helps with supporting blood circulation for optimum health in the body.
Quality at a good price

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Nattokinase is without a shadow of doubt a good natural alternative to blood thinners, I hasten to add that the two don’t go together! From reading the history of Nattokinase and the amount of studies on natto it would seem that Nattokinase works well to dissolve excess fibrin.

This action means that people who suffer from poor circulation, varicose veins, peripheral artery disease, heart disease, high blood pressure should find relief from taking Nattokinase in supplement form.

Nattokinase dosage

How much Nattokinase should you take? A very good question and one that I will try to answer.

Nearly all of the Nattokinase manufacturers recommend that you take a maximum of 4,000 FU daily, I believe that dosage to be the correct one, it should be taken first thing in the morning and last thing at night with a glass of water.

How long before it works?

It’s important to remember that if you are trying to get rid of plaque build-up in your arteries or you have blockages in your feet, legs or arms it took a number of years for the condition to develop.

These are serious conditions that affect your health and must be dealt with, it will take time everybody is different so please be patient as you go about trying to reverse years of internal damage to your blood vessels.

In my case it took me a full 12 months to reverse the effects of plaque build-up in my arteries, I took 2×2,000 FU Nattokinase and Serrapeptase combined.


Nattokinase is a serious blood thinner, it must not under any circumstances be used in conjunction with aspirin, warfarin or any other blood thinner.

Any women who are breast feeding or pregnant should not take Nattokinase.