What removes plaque in arteries

What removes plaque in arteries

Stiffness in the arteries is a huge risk factor for a heart attack or stroke, reducing arterial plaque is difficult but it can be done so let’s look at what removes plaque in arteries. Atherosclerosis is the medical term for hardening of the arteries and is the leading cause of heart disease or stroke throughout the world.

What causes atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is characterized by plaque build-up, plaque build-up is a composition of LDL or bad cholesterol, calcium, cellular waste, fatty substances and fibrin. Over time which by the way can start as early as your 20s plaque accumulates the arterial walls become thicker, this action reduces the space for normal blood flow, it is a recipe for a heart attack or other disorders related to clogged arteries.

What removes plaque in the arteries

Arterial stiffness

Arterial stiffness is up there with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and family history as a risk factor for atherosclerosis, it’s worth the time to fully understand arterial stiffness, arterial stiffness is abnormal stiffening of the endothelium or wall of the arteries that connect the heart to all major organs.

It involves a lot more than plaque build-up or plaque formation in the arteries, arterial stiffness also involves a loss of elasticity in the arteries that stops blood vessels from regulating blood flow and blood pressure, to reduce the risks of a cardiovascular event we need to know what removes plaque in arteries.

Arterial stiffness not only affects blood flow and blood pressure it also has a detrimental effect on the thousands of blood capillaries that function to provide nourishment to all of the organs, this action can cause damage to the organs, damaged organs can cause disorders such as a heart attack, stroke, dementia or kidney failure.

Can lifestyle changes remove plaque in the arteries

An unhealthy lifestyle can be part of the reason why plaque is in the arteries and why there is arterial stiffness, by changing to healthier food choices, exercising daily, reducing stress, cutting down on alcohol and cutting out smoking can help to slow down plaque build-up in the arteries, the big question is what removes plaque in arteries.

No quick fixes

I have to be honest there are no quick fixes to remove plaque in arteries, lifestyle changes are a good start, in cases where there is a lot of plaque in arteries chances are a heart attack may have already occurred, in serious cases doctors will look at placing a stent into the arteries to keep the blood flowing to the heart or a heart bypass could be done.

In less serious cases doctors will prescribe heart medications such as statins, these are cholesterol lowering drugs, other drugs include blood pressure tablets or beta blockers, none of these measures will remove blockages in arteries, is there an answer to what removes plaque in arteries.

Could Vitamin D3 and K2 help to remove plaque in the arteries?

Part of the reason for plaque in the arteries is calcification of the arteries, this refers to deposits of calcium sticking to arterial walls causing hardening of the arteries, preventing calcification of the arteries means that you need to take both Vitamin D3 and K2 to slow this process down.

Not only will Vitamin D3 and K2 slow down calcification over time it will stop altogether, the reason for this is that both have a role to play in managing calcium, both are needed for healthy bones. Vitamin D absorbs calcium from your diet and deposits it in your bones where it is needed for bone health while Vitamin K2 supports keeping calcium out of the artery walls.

By taking a quality D3 and K2 spray you achieve the first step in what removes plaque in arteries, that is by stopping calcification of the arteries and slowing down arterial stiffening, Vitamin D3 and K2 have been shown in a number of studies to slow calcification and support elasticity of these important blood vessels, to purchase a quality D3 and K2 spray go to the people at Good Health Naturally here.

Vitamin D3 and K2 what removes plaque in arterues

Only half the story

OK, so now you know about calcification of the arteries and how to slow it down by taking a Vitamin D3 and K2 spray, that is only half the story in what removes plaque in arteries, the next problem we need to look at is, how do we remove those harmful substances that are attached to the walls of your arteries.

What exactly is plaque build-up

Plaque build-up is a dangerous combination of cholesterol, fatty substances, cellular waste and fibrin, from the research that I have read inflammation causes damage to the endothelium leaving the artery walls exposed, plaque clings to the exposed artery wall, in turn sticky chemicals are released causing further plaque build-up.

So how do we get rid of plaque build-up without causing any harm to the arteries or causing side effects with any heart medications.

Dissolve plaque in arteries

Like I said at the beginning it’s very important to know what removes plaque in arteries, it can be achieved, the first steps are a change to a healthier lifestyle, second is the introduction of a quality Vitamin K2 and D3 spray to reverse calcification in the arteries and third you need a quality supplement to dissolve plaque in the arteries.

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase

Let me introduce you to two popular enzymes Nattokinase and Serrapeptase, how can these natural enzymes remove plaque in arteries, let me explain Nattokinase is a much studied product that comes from natto during the fermentation process of the soybean.

A number of years ago a young Japanese scientist Hiroyuki Sumi discovered in a way what removes plaque in arteries when he dropped natto onto a fibrin sample in the lab that he was working on, to his utter amazement the natto dissolve the fibrin almost immediately.

This fantastic discovery led to many more scientific studies being completed on Natto and the supplement Nattokinase was produced based on the evidence that NK is a potent fibrin or blood clot dissolving enzyme and could be used to treat cardiovascular disease.

Part of the plan

So, this is the third part of your plan to what removes plaque in arteries, you need to take a supplement containing Nattokinase because it will dissolve plaque build-up over time, how much time you may ask, well the answer is it depends.

I had a 70% blockage in my left ventricle artery, that the big artery that comes down from the heart, I was taking heart medications following a very serious heart attack during my 40’s (now 65) the blockage made me feel unwell, constant tiredness and chest pain at times.


I did my research on Nattokinase and Serrapeptase, Serrapeptase has been around for the last 35 years, a German doctor Dr Hans Napier used it a lot with great success for his patients that suffered from cardiovascular disease and varicose veins.

I found both of these enzymes in a natural product called Blockbuster Allclear, it also contains other nutrients that are vital to heart health, I believed that I had found the last part of the answer to what removes plaque in arteries. I began by taking the recommended dosage of Blockbuster Allclear that is four capsules per day.

Take two in the morning on an empty stomach and two in the evening just at bedtime, to be honest I found a huge difference in how I felt after about six months of taking Blockbuster allclear, I feel much more energetic, no chest pain and I feel less tired. I had a blood flow test done, the doctor explained that my blood flow in the arteries had improved significantly. I put that down to the third and final part of what removes plaque in arteries that is Blockbuster Allclear.

Blockbuster allclear what removes plaque in arteries

To purchase Blockbuster All and remove plaque in your arteries go to the people at Good Health Naturally, they care and will look after you.

Vitamin D deficiency

Its been well-established that Vitamin D deficiency contributes to stiffening of the arteries, in one placebo controlled study half of the participants were given a Vitamin D supplement while the other half got a placebo, this trial was over a 12-month period, the measurements showed that the people given Vitamin D showed a marked decrease in arterial stiffness.

Vitamin K studies

Vitamin K studies show that a lack of this important vitamin can cause too much calcium to attach itself to artery walls, the studies show that low levels of Vitamin K is s marker for arterial stiffness.

Aging and plaque in arteries

When you are young the arteries going to your heart and on to the major organs are supple and open, the smaller arteries are slightly stiffer to compensate for large pressure waves each time your heart beats. Problems occur when the bigger arteries begin to harden due to years of inflammation cause by LDL cholesterol, fibrin, calcium and fatty materials.


Arterial plaque build-up is the primary cause of cardiovascular disease, what removes plaque in arteries is a combination of lifestyle changes, a quality Vitamin D3 and K2 spray to stop artery calcification and Blockbuster Allclear to remove plaque in the arteries.

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