Shoulder Bursitis Pain Relief This will help!

Shoulder Bursitis Pain Relief

I get asked a lot about what are the best ways for Shoulder Bursitis pain relief,so I have put this article together to help you understand what Shoulder Bursitis is and to inform you of the best ways for Shoulder Bursitis pain relief.

Shoulder pain is a very common experience, in fact the experts say that as many as 65% of people have experienced shoulder bursitis pain during their lives,shoulder bursitis happens happens if the large bursa at the top of the shoulder is on fire ( inflamed)

Shoulder bursitis

What is Bursitis of the shoulder?

This condition sometimes called impingement syndrome happens when there is redness and swelling between the top of the shoulder and the arm bone.The tendons of the rotator cuff lie between these bones, these tendons are protected by a fluid filled sac called bursa.

The tendons normally work without effort inside this space.When inflammation occurs in this area there is less space for the tendons to move.

The tendons and bursa become irritated and this leads to swelling,the area for movement becomes even smaller.

The more the inflammation increases the less room for the tendons and each time they move,they are squeezed between the bones, this is known as impingement.

What are the causes of bursitis of the shoulder?

A lot of sports people suffer from bursitis of the shoulder, especially people who play high impact sports like football,rugby,ice hockey etc.It occurs because of injury or overuse, it may also be caused by infection.

The condition isn’t confined to people who play sports, it is also linked to health conditions like gout,tendonitis,thyroid disease and diabetes.

Bursitis of the shoulder can be effected by the shape of the bones in an individual because they have less space compared to others.

Sometimes small thickenings of the bursa or tendons lead to symptoms.

Bursitis of the shoulder symptoms

Most bursitis of the shoulder pain is caused by an injury which turns into inflammation and gradually gets worse.The inflammation causes swelling which leads to less space and more pressure on the bursa and tendons.

Septic Shoulder Bursitis

This is unusual and happens when the bursa becomes infected,a person with Septis shoulder bursitis will need to see a doctor who normally will prescribe anti-biotics to stop the infection spreading into the bloodstream.

How do you know you have Bursitis?

Usually you will have localized pain,tenderness,swelling and pain when moving.If you have chronic or recurring pain from your bursitis your doctor may send you for an xray to determine whether you have calcifications around the affected area,magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is sometimes used to diagnose bursitis.

Shoulder bursitis causes tenderness in the inflamed area,sometimes when you move your elbow it can cause a pinching type pain (impingement pain)

Bursitis of the shoulder diagnosis

Generally your doctor will do a physical exam and a complete medical check,there are other diagnostic tests like

·X-ray: Using invisible electromagnetic energy beams to get a picture of tissues internally for example bones and organs.

·MRI  During this test a combination of large magnets,radio frequencies are used along with a computer to produce a detailed picture of structures and organs

·Ultrasound:High frequency sound waves are used to view the internal tissues and organs.  

Aspiration:The surgeon will utilize a thin needle to remove fluid from the bursa (swollen) then check for gout,or an infection as the cause of the infection  .

Blood test. A blood test determines whether other health conditions are the cause.

How is bursitis of the shoulder treated?

Non invasive Treatment

The first step to getting Shoulder bursitis pain relief is to reduce the inflammation that is causing the pain. Easy to say but harder to do, try to avoid the things that are causing the pain like over reaching or stretching.

Pain killing drugs will help to reduce the swelling and pain,for many people these measures will be sufficient to treat shoulder bursitis pain.

In some cases the symptoms won’t go away, your doctor may prescribe a cortisone injection to treat the pain not the swelling.

One of the side effects of taking cortisone injections it may weaken the tendons, for this reason extended use should be considered carefully.

Surgical Operation

A surgical operation may be needed as treatment for shoulder bursitis,a small incision is made with a probe called a arthroscope.

The inflamed bursa, part of the bone and any remaining spurs are removed to make more room for the rotator cuff tendons.

6 Top tips to prevent bursitis of the shoulder

1.When doing repetitive tasks remember to take regular breaks.

2.Stop any activity that is causing you pain.

3.Good posture is important,if lifting heavy objects position your feet apart.

4.Use knee or elbow pads.

5.Always warm up before you exercise

6.When starting a new exercise start slowly, don’t rush take your time.


When should you go to see your doctor?

if you have any of the following:

Swelling or redness at the affected joint.

Pain when doing activities of daily living.

Pain that doesn’t go away after taking painkillers

A lump or bulge appears at the affected joint.

If you develop chills,fever or night sweats.


Main points

 A bursa is the closed fluid filled sac, it works by acting as a cushion with a gliding surface that reduces friction between tissues in the body.Shoulder bursitis  (impingement syndrome) happens when redness and swelling occur between the tip of the shoulder and the arm bone.

·Infection may cause hip bursitis but the most common cause is injury or overuse.

 Relief from shoulder bursitis is to avoid doing whatever causes the pain.

 Anti-inflammatory medications can be used to relieve the pain

Natural products can be used to remove the inflammation and pain permanently

Surgery and cortisone shots are sometimes used if the condition is chronic.

Is there a natural remedy for Shoulder Bursitis pain relief?

There are a number of natural products and home remedies that work very well for Shoulder Bursitis pain relief.

Home remedies for Shoulder Bursitis pain relief

Ginger can reduce inflammation,it relieves pain naturally and has some analgesic qualities that are similiar to ibuprofen or aspirin,it can improve circulation and help with the  healing process.

Apple cider vinegar is another common home remedy for Shoulder Bursitis pain relief by reducing inflammation and restore the alkaline balance in the body.

Apple cider vinegar contains minerals like calcium,magnesium and phosphorus which helps in balancing body fluids.

Castor oils works well in reducing swelling and pain in the joins, it contains ricinoleic acid which helps to improve mobility of the joint.

Natural Shoulder Bursitis pain relief products.

Curcumin has been used for centuries in cooking food especially in India,thanks to science we now know that Curcumin has a vital role protecting our bodies against chronic inflammation Curcumin 2000 binds a curcumin extract and a high quality absorption agent which allows it to become the bioavailability of 42,000 mg.

Serrapeptase for shoulder bursitis

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme designed to to fight against inflammation and pain,it was originally found in the intestine of the silkworm and has been used for over 30 years by health practitioners to deal with pain and inflammation.

Serrapeptase can be taken in a tablet form,it destroys dead and damaged tissue as it makes it’s way through the body.Serrapeptase will reduce chronic pain and protect the body against inflammation, this promotes natural healing.

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