What is calcified arteries

What is calcified arteries

Let’s take a closer look at what is calcified arteries, have you been told by your doctor that you have arterial calcification, it’s usually after a coronary calcification scan has been done.

A coronary calcification scan is a sort of xray that shows the amount of calcium build-up in the blood vessels that lead to your heart, it’s an important test because the amount of calcium that exist in your arteries is a very strong indication of your risk of a heart attack into the future.

Knowing what is calcified arteries and the amounts of calcium in your blood vessels helps your doctor to decide what is the best course of treatment to reduce your risks of atherosclerosis.

What is calcified arteries calcium score xray

What is atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a medical term that refers to a build-up of plaque inside the walls of your arteries, this process can start as early as your 20’s and it causes restrictions on blood flow.

What is calcified arteries can best be described as soft plaque forms as part of bad cholesterol, calcium and other fatty materials, it progresses and eventually calcifies into hard plaque.

Soft plaque can be a problem and lead to a heart attack or stroke, calcification of the arteries has been well documented to the risk of heart disease or a heart attack, basically what is calcified arteries can best be described as a disease of the arteries.

Coronary heart disease

Doctors will always be concerned about the coronary arteries because these blood vessels carry the exact amount of oxygenated blood that is required by the heart to work effectively,.

Plaque formation is a collection of cholesterol, calcium and fat that slowly builds up over time and will restrict necessary blood flow to the heart, when blood flow to the heart slows it can cause a heart attack or stroke, doctors refer to this as coronary artery disease.

Calcium in the arteries and plaque build-up

Calcium deposits are a sign of the amount of plaque build-up that is present in the arteries, so not only have you bad cholesterol and other fatty substances in your arteries but significant amounts of calcium are present also.

The biggest danger occurs if plaque breaks off and a blood clot forms around the plaque causing an interruption to the supply of oxygen and blood supply going to the heart, massive chest pain will ensue, the heart muscle can be badly damaged and it could be fatal.

It’s so important to know what is calcified arteries or hardening of the arteries both refer to calcium forming hard crystals in the walls of the blood vessels, laboratory studies have shown that deposits of calcium form because blood vessel muscle cells begin to change into hard bone like cells as they become diseased or old.

Are calcium deposits related to diet

No, calcium deposits are not related to diet, what does cause calcium deposits in the blood vessels is when cells in the blood vessels don’t work as well as they should, it could be a sign of a disease in the heart or just getting older.

What can be done about calcified arteries

Firstly, we know that calcified arteries are not related to diet, so things like high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure need to be taken care of, if your doctor has prescribed medications for same keep taking them otherwise calcium build-up can accelerate.

Eating well and exercising regularly will help to keep your arteries healthy, there are some studies that show promise in reversing calcified arteries by supplementing your diet with a quality Vitamin D2 and K3 supplement.

How does that work

Studies on animals and humans suggest that the correct concentrations of both Vitamin D2 and K3 are beneficial for cardiovascular and bone health, Doctor Sam Robbins has encapsulated both Vitamin D2 and K3 into his natural alternative remedy as a way to reverse calcified arteries.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article on what is calcified arteries, I do believe that excess calcium in the arteries are very dangerous, studies show that supplementing your diet with the correct amounts of Vitamin D2 and K3 can have a beneficial effect on your health.

Why not head over to Doctor Robbins website to learn more about how Vitsmin K2 and D3 can help with what is calcified arteries and get your arteries healthy again.

Finally, now is not the time to panic, unless you already had one done having a calcium score done is a good idea, it will alert you and your doctor to the dangers of calcium build-up in the arteries and allow for treatment to slow it down.