CQ10 health benefits

Cq10 health benefits

This post is about Cq10 health benefits, Cq10 also known as Coenzyme q10 or Coq10 is a compound produced in the body that helps to generate energy in the cells, Cq10 is pivotal to the body to perform all daily tasks in terms of energy.

Health problems arise as we age because our bodies don’t produce enough Cq10 to meet the energy needs of completing everyday tasks so we feel tired. Fortunately, you can increase your body’s Cq10 production through supplements or through foods.

Low levels of Cq10 are linked to some health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and brain disorders according to a trusted source. It is clear from the research that these diseases have a negative effect on the body’s ability to produce enough Coq10 for its needs.

Here is everything you need to know about Cq10 health benefits.

Energy production

Where is energy produced in the body?

Energy is produced in the mitochondria where cells are protected from oxidative stress damage and bacteria that causes disease or a virus.

Older people in particular seem to be unable to produce enough Coenzyme q10 this could be caused by a number of factors:

• Mitochondrial disease

• Side effects of statin drugs

• Oxidative ageing stress

• Disease causing tissue damage

• Genetic defect in Cq10 synthesis or utilization

• Nutritional deficiencies like vitamin B6

Cq10 and its role in the body

A lot of research has been done on Cq10 it has established that Coenzyme q10 is responsible for a number of functions for example generating energy in the cells producing adenosine triphosphate to transfer energy between the cells.

The mitochondria are an antioxidant it protects cells from oxidative damage from free radicals that are known to cause many health conditions.

Here are the main CQ10 health benefits, Coenzyme q10 may help with the following conditions

1. Statin drug users may find a deterioration in energy levels as well as other symptoms by using a quality cq10 supplement can help restore levels of energy production.

2. Heart disease symptoms include high blood pressure, oxidative stress damage and inflammation in the arteries and veins, heart failure can occur because the heart is unable to contract, relax and pump blood throughout the body.

Treatments for heart failure come with negative side effects like low blood pressure and a reduction in cq10 levels. A study of 420 participants who had heart failure were given CoQ10 for two years showed a significant improvement in symptoms and a reduction in the risk of dying from heart problems.

Studies show that by supplementing with a quality cq10 supplement can help in restoring optimal levels of energy production, reducing oxidative stress damage and improving the function of the best.

CQ10 health benefits

3. May help with fertility

As females age fertility decreases because of a reduction in the amount and quality of eggs that are available, cq10 is involved in this process, the body is can’t produce enough cq10 and becomes less effective at protecting eggs from oxidative stress damage.

By supplementing your diet with a cq10 supplement may help or reverse this age-related decline in egg quality and quantity.

4. May help with headaches

If the mitochondria are malfunctioning calcium uptake can increase in the cells, causing free radical damage and reduced antioxidant protection, the effects are low brain cell energy or migraine headaches.

Studies have shown that CoQ10 can improve mitochondrial function and help with decreasing inflammation caused during a migraine, one particular study of CoQ10 given to 42 patients with migraine showed that it was three times more effective than a placebo.

A bigger study involving 1,500 participants who exhibited low cq10 levels reported less severe and fewer headaches following treatment with CoQ10 supplements.

By supplementing with cq10 seems to help with prevention and treatment of migraines because it increases mitochondrial activity and reduces inflammation.

5. Cq10 may help diabetes

Oxidative stress can cause damage to cells and lead to disease like diabetes, irregular mitochondrial activity is linked to insulin resistance, cq10 may improve insulin receptiveness and regulate blood sugars.

By supplementing with cq10 can help to increase the levels of cq10 in the blood by three times in diabetics who have low levels of this compound.

6. May help with brain disease

Brain cells energy are generated by the mitochondria however age plays a part in mitochondrial function because it slows down the energy production this can lead to brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Our brains are susceptible to oxidative damage because of its higher fatty content and its high energy needs. Cq10 may help to reverse oxidative damage to the brain cells.

7. May help with lung damage

The lungs are responsible for providing oxygen however this makes them susceptible to oxidative stress damage leading to a reduction in cq10 levels, lower levels of Coenzyme q10 can cause lung disease like copd or asthma.

Studies on people with lung disease have found lower levels of cq10 further studies have shown that lung inflammation levels were reduced by supplementing with a quality CoQ10 supplement.

8. May help with exercise

Muscle function, exercise and performance are all linked to optimal mitochondrial function, essential to produce the energy needed for top performance, if the mitochondria aren’t functioning to full capacity it will be hard to sustain performance.

Coq10 can help to maintain physical exercise performance by reducing oxidative stress in the body’s cells, it can also help to increase power and reduce fatigue.

CQ10 health benefits

9. May help in preventing cancer

Damage to cells by free radicals and oxidative stress can cause structural damage to cells increasing the risk of getting cancer, taking a daily supplement like cq10 can help to preserve cells from oxidative stress, a study of cancer patients showed decreased levels of Coenzyme q10.

It is estimated that lower levels of cq10 are associated with a 50% higher cancer risk.

10. May help with Parkinson’s disease

Coq10 may help with Parkinson’s disease according to a paper published by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, their report states that Parkinson’s is a progressive neurodegenerative disease affecting over 1,000,000 people in the USA.

They point to a previous clinical trial where it was demonstrated that cq10 or Coenzyme q10 at dosages of 3,6 and 1,200 mgs per day were safe and well tolerated in patients with early and untreated Parkinson’s disease.

They also suggest that cq10 may help with the progression of the disease as measured by the UPDRS.

Cq10 dosage and side effects

Cq10 or Coenzyme q10 are sold in two forms, ubiquibol or ubiquinone , just to explain ubiquibol makes up almost 90% of the cq10 in the blood and is the easiest to absorb so it is recommended to take a CoQ10 supplement that contains the ubiquibol form, this is the product that I recommend.

Ub8 Q10


UB8Q10 Is A Coenzyme Q10

UB8Q10 is a CQ10 enzyme that has up to 8 times better absorption in comparison to standard CoQ10,

UB8Q10 is a Coenzyme Q10 that is up to eight times more absorption compared to ordinary CoQ10.

• Containing Coenzyme q10 to fuel each cell and drive every process in the body, cq10 becomes depleted during the ageing process, bad diet, drug side effects and other mitigating factors.

• ATP is the source of energy for a large percentage of processes in the body, each of the body’s cells produce energy ATP is vital for your heart, ATP can’t be made without cq10 because this compound enzyme creates ATP.

• Cq10 plays a vital role as a powerful enhancer and antioxidant.

• Cq10 has a wide range of health benefits for heart health, digestive health, gum health, blood sugar balance, renal and kidney health, lung health and cardiovascular health, muscle pain.

Doses of cq10 CoQ10 or Coenzyme q10 range from 90mg-200mg per day, higher doses up to 500 mg per day are well tolerated with few side effects according to some studies.

Cq10 food sources

Cq10 can be found in certain foods, for example

• Fatty fish, salmon, herring, mackerel or sardines

• Organ meat liver, kidney, heart

• Vegetables broccoli, spinach, cauliflower

• Seeds and nuts like pistachios sesame seeds

• Oils Canola and soybean

• Meats pork chicken beef

Recommended Coenzyme Q10 L-Cartinine plus Q10

(Click on the picture for more information)

L- carnitine coq10Summary:

Cq10 is fat soluble so take it with food combine it with oils to improve absorption, cq10 is well tolerated with few reported side effects, Coq10 health benefits far outweigh any side effects

People who are over 40 should consider taking a quality cq10 supplement to enhance energy production, people who are taking prescription statin drugs and feel tired all the time should definitely consider taking cq10 to boost energy production.

Studies have proven over and over that the ageing process affects the mitochondria and its role in the production of energy in the body’s cells so people of all ages should consider taking a natural cq10 supplement to help the body to cope with the natural depletion of the CoQ10 compound.















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      Cq10 can be produced from eating fruit and vegetables however as we age our energy levels reduce due to less cq10, statin drugs affect cq10 levels so taking a cq10 supplement is a good idea.



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