Serrapeptase for blocked Fallopian Tubes

Serrapeptase for blocked fallopian tubes
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Serrapeptase for blocked fallopian tubes

This post is about Serrapeptase for blocked fallopian tubes.

Blocked fallopian tubes are a problem and a major reason for infertility. A blocked fallopian tube can stop the sperm and the egg from meeting to fertilize.

Blocked fallopian tubes are a serious issue for any woman the side effects of pain, swelling and scar tissue not to mention the the fact that if both fallopian tubes are blocked the chances of having a child are nil unless one or both are unblocked.

Serrapeptase is a natural enzyme that may help because it can dissolve scar tissue reduce pain and ultimately unblocked the fallopian tubes in a natural way, so would I recommend Serrapeptase for blocked fallopian tubes, ? 

Clinical trialsSerrapeptase and science

Serrapeptase is certainly worth a try despite the fact that studies on its effect and safety in unblocking fallopian tubes are thin on the ground.

That’s not to say that there are no studies on Serrapeptase there are many even as far back as 1960 a study 3. Sherry S., Fletcher A.P. Proteolytic enzymes: a therapeutic evaluation. Clin. Pharmacol. Ther. 1960;19:202–226.[Google Scholar] [Ref list] showed that Serrapeptase was effective at reducing swelling and pain, it was found to be very useful for fibrocystic breast disease, post traumatic swelling and bronchitis.

What do fallopian tubes do?

Fertilization takes place  in the fallopian tubes when the sperm meets the egg, from fertilization the zygote moves to the uterus it grows into a fetus following implantation there.

If a blockage occurs in only one fallopian tube it is still possible to become pregnant because the fertilized egg can still travel through the free fallopian tube. So if both tubes are blocked completely the egg can’t travel and it just isn’t possible to become pregnant.

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Blocked Fallopian Tubes Diagnosis

The test that a doctor will use to determine whether there is a blockage or not is called a HSG or a hysterosalpingography.

It is a sort of Xray that can examine the inside of the fallopian tube and help to get a diagnosis on any blockages.

During the Xray the doctor will introduce a dye through the uterus and your fallopian tubes.

The reason for the dye is to assist the doctor in examining the inside of the fallopian tubes after the XRay.

This procedure can normally be conducted in your doctors surgery, usually it will be done during the first half of your menstrual cycle, there are few side effects however false positive results do happen.

Should the HSG not be able to assist your doctor to be definite in his diagnosis, the next option may be a laparoscopy which would be used to investigate further.

Laparoscopy surgery may be used to remove the scar tissue that is blocking the fallopian tubes, this will help to open the tubes, however if the blockages are of a sizeable nature even this type of surgery may not be enough to remove all the scar tissue.

Surgery for blocked tubes

Fallopian tubes can become infected either by ectopic pregnancy or an infection in the body, surgery may be needed to remove the damaged tube and reconnect the remaining healthy part.

Unfortunately the chances of becoming pregnant following surgery for infected tubes that were damaged are small, a lot depends on what part of the fallopian tube has to be removed and how much of it needs to come out.

Its important to have a discussion with your doctor before any treatment so that you are fully informed about your chances of becoming pregnant.

Causes of blocked fallopian tubes

There are a number of reasons why fallopian tubes become blocked:

  • Fibroids or growths
  • Scar tissue caused by abdominal surgery or ectopic pregnancy
  • Disease that causes inflammation and scarring like pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Endometriosis causes a build up of tissue in the fallopian tubes
  • Certain sexually diseases like gonorrhea and chlamydia

Natural treatment for blocked fallopian tubes

Medical treatment to unblock fallopian tubes in include a laparoscopy and drugs, however if you are looking for a natural treatment for blocked fallopian tubes then look no further than a course of Serrapeptase enzyme supplement.

Reproductive health issues covering endometriosis, uterine fibroids and other symptoms produce symptoms that are painful and uncomfortable surgery or drugs don’t always get to the root cause of the problem.

Often this drives women to look at a natural alternative Serrapeptase has become increasingly more popular as an enzyme therapy, how is one supposed to know which brand of Serrapeptase works best to unblock fallopian tubes.

Serrapeptase for blocked tubes

First off, there are many brands of Serrapeptase on the market, don’t be fooled by buying Serrapeptase on price alone because if it’s cheaper the ingredients are not the same.

Rather buy a strong dosage Serrapeptase, I recommend 250,000 IU from the good health naturally people.

I trust their brand because I have used it myself not to unblock fallopian tubes because I am a man but rather to help me hip bursitis pain that just would not go away unless I used Serrapeptase.

What does Serrapeptase do?

Serrapeptase or Serratiopeptidase is proteolytic enzyme/protease it works to dissolve or digest unwanted fibrin and debris that is floating around in the bloodstream.

The fibrin and debris accumulate where there is an injury causing inflammation this inflammation can contribute to chronic illness, Serrapeptase the proteolytic enzyme works to relieve swelling, pain and remove unwanted scar tissue by blocking amines that produce the pain at the inflamed site.

During the 1970’s Serrapeptase was found in Japanese silk work as it digested the cocoon surrounding the silk worm.

Benefits Serrapeptase EnzymeEnzyme Therapy

in some natural therapy practises they use Systemic Enzyme Therapy consisting of a treatment of blended special enzymes proven through research to be of benefit to infertile women.

This type of enzyme therapy isn’t that well known so you may be doing your research about the Serrapeptase enzyme and discover that people have been having good results because Serrapeptase works to dissolve the scar tissue that causes the blockage in the fallopian tubes.

How many Serrapeptase should you take?

There is no recommended Serrapeptase dosage for unblocking fallopian tubes however this lady can explain her positive experience of using Serrapeptase enzyme to help her with conceiving a baby following unblocking her fallopian tubes.



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    • Hi Ayona,
      I’m not sure what dosage Serrapeptase you have so my advice is based on 80,000 IU Serranol. Exercise daily for up to 5 days a week eat healthy foods, good luck, let me know your progress.Take 2 capsules x 3 times a day, 30 minutes before eating, with water. Drop to 1 x 3 after one month (plan on 4 months). PS If you need more please go to the website.

  1. Hello there, the importance of this post can’t be over emphasized, so I must say a very big thanks to you. After marriage comes the joy of having ones child and this isn’t possible with the fallopian tubes blocked. There are so many people who have blocked fallopian tubes and have refused to see a doctor thinking its something that’s can’t be taken care of. I’m impressed with how you have stated the cause of thiss problem and also given a natural treatment. Best regards

    • Hi Chloe,

      I agree having had three beautiful daughters I know the joy that they bring into my life, so not to be able to have a baby could be quite depressing for some women, at least we have a natural solution to the problem of blocked fallopian tubes.


  2. Thanks for taking time to give this very educating and insightful review. Most times health topics like this can be hard to understand while reading but the use of simple diction,the article is easy to understand and I give a thumbs up for that. I have just been fully thought about Serrapeptase for blocked Fallopian Tubes and I’m really happy to have read this because I haven’t heard about this before. Thanks for this impactful post  

  3. Though I know that serrapeptase is very potent to cure fallopian tube blockage but then, their are too many products in market to use in curing this and most of them are substandard and that is the reason I decided to take a research to figure out the best one I can make you of. All the causes and symptoms you addressed here are right and you are in track with this article. You really unveiled virtually all the information about this fallopian tube blockage. Thumbs up

  4. You are spot on with this article and I did learn from this. Though blocked fallobian tube has been a big problem in recent years especially around me because I know of three people who were diagnosed with this but the recommendations worked because they were all prescribed to make use of serrapeptase and o must say that it delivers pretty well. Thanks so much for this article.

  5. Wow, serrapeptase is really a god send looking at how effective it is and how good it works for people. I am happy that it really works for fallopian tube blockage. I have already grabbed one for something unrelated to the topic but I’m happy it can help with this too. Hopefully I won’t be having a fallopian tube issue. I like how you have backed your claims with scientific studies. Nicely written.


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