Severe Hip Bursitis Pain

Hip bursirtis imageSevere Hip Bursitis Pain

Severe hip bursitis pain is something that happened to me in my late fifties, it progressed from a small amount of pain in my left hip to excruciating and severe hip bursitis pain over the following two years.

In the beginning I put the pain in my hip down to many years of playing contact team sport I assumed that my body had some wear and tear especially in the joint areas like hip, knees, and ankles.

My second assumption was that the hip pain may be related to arthritis as so many of my friends complained and were diagnosed with arthritis.

Hip pain progression

In my case the pain in my hip started off as a niggle and would last for maybe ten minutes, it would go away after I sat down, but over the following months that niggly pain progressively increased in intensity by about 50%.

I first noticed the pain when I was standing up in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, I would feel a sharp pain in my left hip area that would not go away unless I sat down

The second thing that I noticed was after going to bed the pain was there in my left hip so I would have to lie on the good hip in order to get some sleep. Approximately one year after the pain started, I noticed that not only was it present in my hip, but the pain had travelled down the outside of my leg as far as my knee.

At that point the intensity of the pain had at that point increased by about 80%.


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My work was affected

The pain in my hip was now starting to affect my work, I noticed that I had hip pain walking to client’s offices, I also had hip pain sitting at my desk for long periods. My wife suggested that I buy over the counter pain relief medications, I bought Ibuprofen and took the maximum dose, these medications had a limited effect in the sense that they took the edge off the pain but didn’t get rid of it.

At this stage I was starting to think about going to my doctor for advice because at this stage I had severe hip bursitis pain.

Doctor’s appointment

I arrived at my doctor’s surgery, he asked me some questions about my symptoms and how long had I these symptoms, he then examined my hip and leg, he moved my leg and hip in different directions.

Afterwards he diagnosed me with arthritis of the hip but to confirm this he would send me to a hospital specialist for an X-ray and diagnosis, he also recommends that I keep taking the over the counter painkillers.

Hip X-ray

The hospital did a hip X-ray and I waited to see the consultant to discuss the results, before he discussed the results the consultant moved my leg and hip up and down and in and out to test it for pain and mobility.

He then showed me the X-ray of my hip and explained that the cartilage around my hip was 50% worn away this was causing little sacs of fluid (called bursae) that surround the hip joint to become swollen and inflamed inflammation was causing my severe hip bursitis pain.


The consultant explained that I didn’t need a hip replacement and that I my never need a new hip, however he did say that I would have severe hip bursitis pain forever, not a very appealing thought! I wondered if my hip bursitis would ever go away?

I asked what can be done about the pain and he responded “take prescription pain killers” 

Research severe hip bursitis pain relief

I did my research on the causes, symptoms, and treatments of severe hip bursitis pain, so a little bit of information on these

  • The causes of hip bursitis depend on the individual, there are several causes and factors why some more than others are prone to developing hip bursitis and they are:
  • An injury to the hip from a fall or a bang on the hip causes the bursa to fill up with blood, the bursa lining becomes inflamed it can stay inflamed even though the blood is absorbed into the body, this is known as traumatic bursitis.
  • Repetitious hip pressure: Very often hip bursitis is caused by smaller traumas that cause the same issues as a bigger or more serious trauma, that is why people who cycle, road walk, run or must stand up for long periods in their jobs are susceptible to hip bursitis.

Symptoms of hip pain

People have varying symptoms, but these are the main symptoms:

Pain when standing

Pain increase after prolonged activity

Pain intensifies after repetitive movement of the hip

Pain when walking, climbing a stairs or jogging

Radiating hip pain to the buttock, groin, knee or lower back

Hip pain when lying down

Hip bursitis pain relief

Depending on your level of hip pain a lifestyle change may help:

Rest: If you find that the activity that you are doing is causing the hip pain stop and take a rest

Medications: Pain medications such as ibuprofen, can help to ease the pain and swelling, however you need to be aware of the side effects of NSAIDs when taken over a long period of time.

Ice it: Sometimes an ice pack can bring the swelling down and cool the inflammation, try it for about 20 minutes several times per day.

Hip injection: A hip joint injection may work for some people to reduce the inflammation, it can take anywhere up to five days for it to kick in, there are associated side effects risks such as

  • An allergic reaction
  • Thinning of the skin
  • Tendon rupture
  • Joint swelling and pain for a few hours
  • Risk of infection

Serrapeptase: This natural enzyme works very well to reduce inflammation and kill the hip bursitis pain (it does take time a number of months) it is a natural product with no side effects. Serrapeptase has worked to get rid of my hip bursitis pain for good.

Curcumin 4000X: This natural product contains Turmeric, it has been used for centuries in places like India and Asia as a natural way to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. Read more click here

13 thoughts on “Severe Hip Bursitis Pain”

  1. Hi! Hip bursitits pain is severe. And I agree with you, it starts hurting just about 10 minutes. But as time goes by the intensity and the region of the pain expands.

    We experiment relief when resting, after activity. Sometimes it’s necessary to stop in the middle of the activity.

    I’ll try these natural enzymes to reduce inflammation. Thank you very much for recommending Serrapeptase.

  2. Hey! I’m sorry about your diagnosis and prognosis, when your doctor narrated the causes, effects and remedy, I felt bad when you said that you may not need hip replacement neither will the pain ever go away, that you have to spend the rest of your life nursing that pain. I was like what the f*** is? Well, I’m happy for you that you were able to make some research beyond what the doctor might even know, and you were able to come up with a solution. It may not be a long term solution, but a short or medium term solution is incredible. The prognosis made me read more about turmeric and I think it will go a long way.

  3. Hi, 

    Thank you very much for the information. I occasionally have hip pain. After careful review the symptom you described, I feel I may have Hip Bursitis, although I thought I have sciatic nerve pain, Since I have pain when standing and enhanced pain after long activity.

    I generally use ibuprofen when I have pain, which give me some relief. Next time I see my doctor I will ask him to give me a diagnosis so that I could use proper treatment.

    By the way, do you know the difference between Hip Bursitis pain and Sciatic Nerve Pain?

    • Hi Anthony,

      Sciatica is made worse by forward bending or deep flexion of the hip joint. In fact, you may know you have sciatica because the pain shoots down the leg when you bend over.

      Hip bursitis tends to cause tenderness and pain on the outer side of the hip. As symptoms progress, pain may radiate down the outside of the thigh and occasionally to the buttock, groin and low back. A person with hip bursitis may find it painful to walk, climb up stairs, lie down on the side of the affected hip, or get out of a chair, especially after sitting for a long time.

      Best to speak to a Doctor for a proper diagnosis,


  4. Thank you for this post and big thumb up for sharing your post with us on here, am so sorry about the pains hip bursitis might have caused you. I have observed these symptoms in my big aunt and everyday without fail she do rub it with a pack of ice. I will surely  share this post with her. 

  5. Hello,

    I’ve never heard of hip bursitis pain before. Pardon my ignorance, does this illness affect young people too?

    This mist really be difficult to handle cos I suspect with such pain, one won’t be able to sit.

    Of all the remedies you’ve given, I think serrapeptase would be best for managing this condition. I don’t think NSAIDs should be used to treat illness relating to pain as it have negative effects on the body in the long run.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. So glad that I found your site.  I’ve been experiencing hip pain that mainly radiates through my left groin and buttocks.  I just dealt with the pain or as long as I could…but now it is getting way too bad to ignore. I’m not a fan of painkillers (especially opioids!) so I tend toward the natural path.  The most I take is ibuprofen…which like you said, takes the edge off, but doesn’t really manage the pain.I’ve been icing, and taking it easy.  Added some stretching routines that seem to help. I want something natural that will help with the welling.  I’ll have to check out serrapeptase.  I’m assuming that it has a bunch of other benefits besides helping with bursitis!Thanks for the advice!

    • Absolutely, Serrapeptase isn’t called the “Miracle Enzyme” for nothing it has been used for many hundreds of years to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling.

  7. I am not yet fifty but I can tell I have problem of pain in my pelvis bone and it’s most annoying and painful but all said I have been taking bulfen and dicrofencal for pain relief but as you have said they only work for ashort period .to very frank I have looking for remendey to the pain and I have got none so when I saw this blog you we’re talking to me I will  have to look for the recommendation you have given and I know they will work for me.

    • Hi Charles,

      I’m sorry to hear that you have pain, if the pain is caused by inflammation then I recommend that you try either Serrapeptase or Curcuminx4000. Both are natural I’m sure that they will help.




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